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News for Marvel’s Contest Of Champions is here! It looks like a certain character is making a reappearance. Parker Robbins A.K.A The Hood is returning to Battlerealm.  Marvel sat down with Gabriel Frizzera, Simon Chaser, and Vincent Huynh about The Hood’s return.

Check out bits of the interview below: The Hood’s been flying pretty low under the radar since his ILLUMINATI shenanigans. Why’d the Collector want to pick up Parker Robbins?

Gabriel Frizzera: The Collector has nothing to do with the Hood’s presence in the Battlerealm. He kind of came on his own free will. He’s on a mission for his master, a god-like entity with an appetite for multiversal conquest. He’s coming to spoil the Collector’s party, and The Hood is the first wave. And the team has overloaded Hood with some serious abilities. Does he have more than the average Champion or am I just seeing things?

Simon Cameron: He certainly has a number of abilities at his disposal, but not an untoward number of them. A number of his abilities have secondary effects, which trigger when abilities expire. He can also trigger Invisibility in a number of ways. All in all, while there may be a fair amount of text on his bio card, he’s far from the most complex character in the game, and we think he’ll be pretty easy to pickup and play. Anything else you can tell us?

Gabriel Frizzera: Our new event, “Dawn of Darkness,” is a direct sequel to the mystic event from last November, “Conclave of Sorcerers.” Doctor Strange is regrouping the Illuminati to create a final solution to stop Thanos from creating an entirely new set of Infinity Stones. He intends to be prepared for when the Mad Titan shows up next. But for that end, Strange has a plan so dangerous in mind, he doesn’t dare tell his closest allies… a plan that will involve a cat-and-mouse game with one of his most dangerous enemies, one of the most powerful mystic beings in existence.

For the whole Q&A click here.

With The Hood coming back to Battlerealm, and the new event, Dawn Of Darkness, looks like there’s quite a few awesome new things happening with Marvel’s Contest Of Champions. Are you looking forward to The Hood’s return? Are you looking forward to playing the new event? Let us know in the comments!

As always, we’ll continue to update you on all things Contest Of Champions and Marvel.

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