Netflix “Breaks” A New Iron Fist Trailer Early This Morning!

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Iron Fist fans are preparing for the arrival of the final defender in a variety of ways and Marvel and Netflix aren’t disappointing.  A new trailer broke this morning offering us a look at Danny Rand, aka the Iron fist, his villains, and Colleen Wing.  So far this trailer gives us the clearest look at Finn Jones’s Danny Rand, David Wenham’s Ward Meachum (why are people named Ward always bad guys?) and Colleen Wing, showcasing some master sword work.  Check out the trailer below.

The two biggest personal standouts were Colleen Wing and that music.  Actress Jessica Henwick kicks butt and takes names, unafraid to face off against the Immortal Iron Fist.  She’s a character I can’t wait to get to know. Music wise, composer Trevor Norris brings an urban futuristic feel to the score as Colleen does battle, the villain postures, and Rosario Dawson cracks jokes.   When those – dare I say Asian? – beats hit, it’s almost reminiscent of Blade Runner.

Other highlights include a touch of humor, asking some questions that we’re sure to need answering (Just how did Danny learn martial arts?(will we get to see Shou-Lou the undying?) and the return of Wa Ching Ho as Madame Gao.  Madame Gao’s presence throughout the netflix shared universe is still there, but having her return in the final defender series is a nice bookend to the shows that we’ve all fallen in love with.

The biggest most intriguing piece of the puzzle? Danny himself.  Being unfamiliar with him as I was, seeing him crack jokes and then take names was interesting, however upon investigation of the character I still have questions.  Thankfully the show seems poised to answer them.  Who is Danny Rand? We’re about to find out.

Marvel’s Iron Fist drops March 17th on Netflix Streaming sources. It stars Finn Jones as Danny Rand, Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing, and Lewis Tan as Zhou Cheng.


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