New Iron Fist Promo Introduces Danny Rand And New Footage

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We’re ticking closer and closer to the March 17th premiere of Marvel’s Iron Fist and while we’ve been introduced to the new characters like Colleen Wing as well as some very cool images of Danny himself, this new promo offers a look at some characters who we haven’t seen much of in Joy and Ward Meachum.  We also get more of a look at Madame Gao, and what role she might potentially play in Iron Fist, which seems drastically different from her previous role in Daredevil Sseason 1.  There’s a ton of new footage in this, from varying shots of New York City to more shots of Danny in the Rand building, it’s a veritable wealth of information.

The main focus of the clip is Danny himself and Finn Jones talking about just what makes Danny Rand’s character special and unique in the world of The Defenders.   While we see more of his past (those plane shots are pretty crazy) and Finn Jones teased that things aren’t going to be easy for the young man as he returns home, “When Danny Rand comes back to New York he believes he’ll be received with open arms.” Jones says, “The first thing he realizes is that the world has changed.” His childhood friends are now running his company which most likely will conflict with Danny, “We find out he spent 15 years in this monastery training to become this warrior.” Jones says, “There’s a force that runs through the universe, the fire of the fist. And Danny can…ignite it.”

This clip is important since it introduces a potential villain for Iron Fist, “Danny’s been told all his life that there’s a mythological dark force in the world.  He’s never believed they were real.” The clip promises that they’re more then real and that dark forces are in play that have infested the Rand corp.  It’s the first real inkling we’ve had of bad guys for Danny to fight – so what might that entail?

Either way, this clip promises some incredible visuals, amazing fight scenes, and unbelievable special effects as we meet the final Defender! Are you excited? Intrigued? Sound off in the comments below and don’t forget to share your feelings with us on social media!

Marvel’s Iron Fist hits Netflix exclusively March 17th, 2017.

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