Our Favorite Costumes from Agents of SHIELD Designer Ann Foley

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Earlier this week, Agents of SHIELD costume designer Ann Foley announced she was leaving the show to start working on a new project on Netflix called Altered Carbon. It’s a great opportunity and we wish Ann the best of luck! She has not only been an amazing costume designer, but a great resource to fans who want to learn more about her process and what goes on behind the scenes.

To celebrate Ann’s time on Agents of SHIELD, we are taking a look back at some of our favorite costumes from the show throughout the years.

Andy Behbakht, Founder/Owner/Editor in Chief/Director of Operations

For me, it will always be a tie between Ann’s designs for Mockingbird, Ghost Rider and Deathlok 2.0 (3.0?). Ghost Rider is essentially a straight adaptation from the comics look which I love. Bobbi’s design is so inspiring on so many levels because of how it both stays true to the comics look while also making it look realistic, but it still has that “superhero costume feeling”. Deathlok, who is just straight up one of my favorite characters of all time on SHIELD, has this simple cyborg look where it’s not overdone with the cyborg-ness but also not too little either. #WeWillMissYouAnn

Clement J. Bryant: Social Media Director & Senior Editor

Ghost Rider. For this guy, I had some doubts on how successful Robbie’s story would be going from page to screen, especially after the film version. Along with Gabriel Luna’s performance, Ann managed to keep all of the details of the outward appearance of this character flawless. It looks like she literally reached into the comics and brought him into reality. Hearing this news, I had a literal gasp in my office. Among that each time I’ve been Ann, she’s been a warm presence making the fans like ourselves feel valued. We’ll miss you Ann and good luck on Altered Carbon!

Jennifer Carey, Staff Writer

I am in absolute love with Peggy Carter’s costume and overall look from AoS’s season 2 opener “Shadows.” First there are pants, which Peggy is not normally depicted in. Secondly, a longer jacket than her one seen in Captain America: The First Avenger. Third, the hair! I also love her military uniforms with the tie. She has a harder edge after losing Captain Rogers and that edge is depicted in her costume here. She is such a BAMF in this attire, cutting a severe figure, leading the Howling Commandos.

Lauren Gallaway, Director of Operations/Co-Owner/Editor

I love Daisy’s “Quake” outfit so much. Ann really captured Quake’s look and design from the comics perfectly. I think the uniform is flattering on Chloe Bennet, while looking equally tactical for her character. The streamlined black design with the yellow outlines is smart and stylish. Quake really looks like she was pulled right from the pages of a Marvel comic book. Well done Ann — we’ll miss you!

Jonathan Hernandez, Staff Writer

This was my favorite costume because its simplicity and originality inspired me to do my first-ever cosplay at SDCC 2016. Agent Hunter is one of my favorite characters from the show so I dug around online for hours to find that t-shirt. Luckily, I already had the hoodie, converse, thick-rimmed glasses, and blue hoodie.

Carolyn Poddig, Senior Writer & Events Assistant Manager

Hive’s Coat, while not the first superhero outfit that Ann added to the MCU, was something we haven’t seen before – a simplistic outfit and one of the biggest major villain outfit designs that we’ve seen on the show. While there are dozens of iconic looks (Ghost Rider, Daisy Johnson, even Raina’s constant flowered dresses), Hive’s coat is probably my favorite piece that Ann created. She delivered and Brett pulled it off flawlessly.

Shawn Richter, Events Director & Gavin’s Dad

I love Director Mace’s “Patriot” costume. For me, it’s the one costume in four seasons of Agents of SHIELD that really jumps out because not only does it look amazing, but it kind of came out of nowhere. We were used to seeing Mace in his “Director clothes” and BAM suddenly he looked like a superhero. Since The Patriot is a one of the many Captain America comic book characters, the build of this costume looks like a Cap/SHIELD mashup. The gauntlets look like something you’d find on a tactical/Black Ops Captain America SHIELD costume (complete with Cap-esque stars). My favorite detail however is the SHIELD bird on the chest, especially the chromed part. Your eye is drawn to that detail first when you look at the costume. I loved this costume so much, I was inspired to make one myself!

Brittany Rivera, Senior Writer & Events Assistant Manager

My favorite costume is from SHIELD also happens to be from my favorite episode “4,722 Hours” (3.5). Ann is able to say so much about who the characters are just through their clothing. On Maveth, Simmons is resourceful. She makes a bag out of her shirt sleeves. She survives. When she comes home she wears baggy sweatpants and hoodies as she adjusts back to life on Earth. We can tell from the way she is dressed how she is feeling. She’s not buttoned up, she just wants to be comfortable and safe again.

I also especially love it when Simmons goes undercover. Her clothes are always brighter and a little sexier than what she would usually wear. In earlier seasons this would make her uncomfortable, but as the show has progressed we have seen both Simmons (and her wardrobe) gain more confidence.

What are your favorite costumes from Agents of SHIELD? Let us know in the comments!

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