REVIEW: Jessica Jones #5 – “Jessica has an Existential Crisis”

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Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Michael Gaydos

Color Artist: Matt Hollingsworth

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Cover: David Mack 

Release Date: 02/08/17

Rating: Parental Advisory! Not for Kids!

Price: $3.99

Plot: At the beginning of the series, Jessica Jones was hired by a woman named Sophie Brownlee. Now Sophie is dead and her husband confessed to the murder. While in police custody, the husband says he’ll only talk to Jessica Jones.

Story: The focus of this issue is on the conversation between Jessica and Mr. Brownlee. While the reader may find Brownlee’s claims of another reality plausible, the way he’s explaining it to Jessica has a tone of skepticism. However I found the conversation very interesting. Brownlee’s response is a perfect answer to the question, “What if someone remembered Secret Wars?”. No doubt if someone woke up one day and realized their life completely changed, then they would be driven to the point where nothing would matter anymore.

Brian Michael Bendis writes excellent dialogue. He gives each character a unique voice and tone. For example, Brownlee’s voice feels very cold and empty while delivering his “nothing matters” speech. Also this issue’s humor comes from Bendis’s script.

Another thing I enjoyed was the conversation selling the final scene. While it is likely Jessica wouldn’t sell out Carol Danvers, the way she talks to Alison Green will make you think otherwise.

Art: Michael Gaydos does an excellent job capturing the character’s expressions while speaking to each other. This is important since Jessica Jones features more conversations than action scenes. Also Matt Hollingsworth made excellent color choices for each scene. One example is the lighting in the interrogation room in contrast to scenes taking place outside.

Verdict: Bendis’s dialogue and Gaydos’s artwork give us an entertaining story. This issue featured an intriguing conversation. Overall this issue is definitely a buy.

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