REVIEW: Scarlet Witch #15 – “I’m a Witch, Now What?”

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Writer: James Robinson 
Penciler: Vanesa Del Rey
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: VC’S Cory Petit
Release Date: 02/22/17
Price: $3.99

Wanda fulfilled her quest and witchcraft is saved, yay! Except….not so much. With witchcraft saved Wanda has a bigger challenge to face: her own life. However, even before that Wanda must face off with a witch-demon who dares possess a young boy.


Robinson’s final tale with Wanda is a one-shot journey with Wanda helping a family and their possessed son. Wanda quickly realizes that not all is what it seems with the boy. Expecting a typical demon possession, she instead finds connections to her past enemies. The demon has a nasty mouth on him, especially coming from a young boy.

After fighting the demon and saving the boy, she returns him to his parents. One last hurrah for Wanda! It turns out the demon was the Emerald Warlock, Declan Dane, gathering his powers back after Wanda defeated him earlier. The big twist, of course, was Wanda talking to Vision (!!!) and the reveal of her wanting to rejoin the Avengers. She tells them it will be different this time, she is different and ready to be back.


The overall story of this final issue was weak. It was an odd little one shot to end off with. As appreciative of the call back to the Emerald Warlock, it still felt a bit off for a final issue. What saves the issue is the ending, as well as the future, that Robinson gives Wanda.  Her current journey feels complete, she understands herself more, knows where she came from and is ready to face her future. Wanda is also more confident, which Vision points out. The addition of Vision speaking to at the end was a beautiful callback to a relationship that hopefully can be mended. If anyone other than Wanda will notice a change in herself, it will be Vision. He is right, this is a Wanda who is no longer second guessing herself or apologizing for who she once was.

Wanda’s decision to join the Avengers again feels entirely her own. This does not feel like a conclusion a writer wants to simply give a character, but rather Robinson allowing what is best to happen for Wanda by Wanda. No one is making any decisions for Wanda. This is entirely her own.  Robinson did something special with Wanda on this run. She felt like herself but also entirely new in a way I did not think possible. What this last issue lacked in an overall story it gave back in the context of Robinson’s entire run. The possibility is there for more for Wanda and Robinson proves it can only get better from here.


The art in this issue felt a little flat compared to other issues. At times, it was magnificent, full of color and a supernatural feel. However, most of the time it featured expressionless faces and lackluster backgrounds. When it shined, it shined! The colors done by Jordie Bellaire, especially in the scenes featuring magic, were a joy.

The colors felt vibrant and new, evolving on the page just like Wanda’s magic. Yet, Wanda especially felt so blank in the drawing of her face. In the panel above, she is giving herself up, but her face looks nothing of the sort.

In one of the biggest moments of the issue, Wanda talking to the Avengers, her face looks completely blank and wonky from panel to panel. Not sure what the feel was that Vanesa Del Rey was going for but it seemed to have missed its mark.


Scarlet Witch was a risky move from Robinson – a solo series that focuses on an integral Marvel character with a not so clear past. Then there was also the multiple art teams on board, sometimes beautiful and sometimes not so much. But the artists always stayed true to Wanda, bringing something new to her each time. Despite the weak oneshot part of the issue, Robinson manages to give Wanda a send off while also giving her a possibility for the future. Wanda Maximoff is changed for the better. All the changes were with Wanda in mind, always remembering the fantastic character she always has been and will continue to be.

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