Scarlet Spider’s Classic Costume Returns

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Scarlet Spider’s Classic Costume Returns

Today Marvel revealed on Newsarama that Ben Reilly, the Scarlet Spider, will be returning to his classic costume by the end of the first arc. As part of the announcement, Marc Bailey redrew the cover of Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider #1 with the classic costume. Marvel also stated that the first arc will lead Ben back to the blue hoodie. Since Ben was the antagonist in Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy, it makes sense the first story arc will involve redemption.

Scarlet Spider's

The Scarlet Spider was Ben Reilly’s primary superhero identity during the 90’s Clone Saga. After Ben’s death, other heroes used the Scarlet Spider alias. As part of the Avengers Initiative, three clones of the hero, MVP, used the Scarlet Spider name. Eventually Kaine, another clone of Peter Parker, took on the Scarlet Spider mantle. Kaine was the Scarlet Spider in Houston, TX until circumstances lead to him fleeing to Mexico.

Ben Reilly: the Scarlet Spider #1 comes out April 26th.

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