T’Challa Returns To Marvel’s Puzzle Quest!

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T’Challa returns to Marvel’s Puzzle Quest.  And he’s returning with a very mighty update at that. This is the second time Black Panther has been featured in Puzzle Quest.  Josh Austin, the producer, sat down with Marvel and gave them the details on the newest update for T’Challa.

Black Panther has some new moves, including Panther’s Prey that costs nine black AP. This is his Vengeance-based ability. In total there are three new moves that comes with the five-Star Black Panther. Josh discussed in detail with Marvel about his abilities!

Check out some of the Q&A here:

Marvel.com: I have been waiting for a 5-Star Black Panther for a while now so I’m pleasantly surprised T’Challa’s our next new release. Why’s now the time for a new Black Panther?

Josh Austin: Since the Marvel “Civil War” event there has been a lot of interest in Black Panther. The Marvel Cinematic Universe Black Panther focused on vengeance and that went into the design in making him unique from the 3-Star Black Panther currently in the game. So for the 5-Star Black Panther (Civil War), we are really bringing a deadly updated version to “Marvel Puzzle Quest”!

Marvel.com: 3-Star Black Panther is a kind of jack-of-all-trades, adding strike tiles, creating defense tiles, and bringing serious team damage to fights. What was the focus this time around?

Josh Austin: The 5-Star Black Panther focuses more on damage in a non-direct way and his athletics to dodge attacks. He has a vengeance-focused ability that causes extra damage to the selected enemy character. The other two powers are passive, but focus on his agility and ability to lead a team and can both cause more damage by triggering their additional abilities. Overall this 5-Star version of Black Panther really adds a lot of extra damage to your team and when playing with him you notice how devastating his abilities are with a good team of heroes!

For more of the Q&A with Josh go to Marvel’s site! The five-star Black Panther is available now! There is also a Legendary store that comes with T’Challa, Hail To The King.  Players will be able to earn tokens to the store from playing in the Civil War Story event that started on February 2nd and ends on February 5th.

Always, we’ll continue to update you on all things Puzzle Quest and Marvel!

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