This Week in Collectibles: New York Toy Fair Edition

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Toy Fair

Well, here we are. New  York Toy Fair 2017 has come and gone and continues to amaze as more and more reveals kept popping up. My apologies for how long this will be. So here’s everything from the past week until now!

Sideshow Collectibles 1/6th Scale Daredevil

This figure is based off the comics version of the character, not the Netflix MCU version. But this is the first of many Daredevil collectibles to come. The others just happen to be the MCU’s Daredevil. The figure looks great and really shows off just how well these figures have been from these guys, even though this is the first in the line for over 2 years. Before you ask he does come with his billy clubs that have a lot of functionality. They can be separate, together in one longer staff, or as nunchucks. The figure even has storage on it for the clubs.

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The figure comes with multiple hands, parts to transform the billy club, and a stand. But if you preorder this on Sideshow’s website you will get his walking cane as well!!!

Source: Marvel Toy News


Marvel Gallery & Premier Statue Collections

So this is where all the Toy Fair stuff starts pouring in. Here we have 2 statue collections from Diamond Select. I actually talked about them recently when they announced their Phoenix and Classic Iron Man Statues a while back. But now we have even more! Starting off we have one of the first MCU statues by Diamond Select with Marvel Milestones Civil War Iron Man.

Starting off we have one of the first MCU statues by Diamond Select with Marvel Milestones Civil War Iron Man. The level of detail on this statue is impressive like wow! Then we also have a regular Wolverine statue without his mask on. He has one leg up on a turret, which I think is from the danger room, and he stands there maskless.

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Then the last two that were revealed are ones that actually surprised me. First is Riri Williams as Ironheart and the other is Netflix Daredevil’s Punisher. Both look fantastic, but the Punisher one in particular looks amazing. He actually looks like Jon Bernthal and is holding Daredevil’s mask. Take a look at both of them:

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Source: Marvel Toy News

EDIT: I actually found a few more while digging around so here’s a gallery with Thor, Luke Cage, and an Old Man Logan:

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