Avengers Academy Character Profile: Iron Fist

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Iron Fist

So today is the day when Iron Fist makes his live-action debut on Netflix. So in honor of that, I will be profiling the character in Avengers Academy. He appeared during the Hell’s Kitchen event back in September so if you haven’t already unlocked him you might just be out of luck. But with that, let’s go into the character.

He was available in Episode 3 of the Daredevil event and helped in fighting off Kingpin as he invaded your school. Once unlocked you gained access to his activities such as the best Mulan reference ever:

Mar action find your center@4xFind Your Center

And he comes with 3 different variations on his outfit as you level him up with the Rank 5 one being his actual costume:

Iron Fist
Rank 1
File:Iron Fist Rank 3.png
Rank 3
File:Iron Fist Rank 5.png
Rank 5


And yes, for those of you wondering, he is best buds to Luke Cage who is also featured in the event.

Image result for avengers academy iron fist

The voice for Iron Fist is done by Alan Adelberg who also voices Moon Knight in this game.

I am really hoping that they do bring these characters back in the same way that they have brought back the Guardians or even the Doctor Strange characters so that more people can experience him as well as the rest of the crew from Hell’s Kitchen.


But that is all for this character profile! Who should I cover next? It will probably be for the Guardians of the Galaxy so which one should I do first? Let me know in the comments or as always on our social media platforms!


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