Agents Of SHIELD Releases “Agents Of HYDRA” Posters

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The following post contains spoilers for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD season 4b.

We’re 3 weeks into the 6 week hiatus between the 3rd and 4th pods of Agents of SHIELD and people are still concerned about the ultimate fate of our favorite agents.  With the world of the framework we know things have been twisted.  This version of the “matrix” so to speak is a reality where whatever the circumstances HYDRA won.  Fans won’t forget that Coulson is teaching children anti-inhuman rhetoric, Melinda May is head of HYDRA (or a head) and Daisy Johnson is dating well…a surprising return to the cast.  This reality has a number of people very concerned about the fate of the world.  It presents an intriguing alternate reality however, one that the show’s PR department has been happy to stoke the flames of to keep the fans guessing.

Agents of SHIELD released these posters of previous seasons, offering a look at what life would be like “in the framework”.  With the HYDRA logo looming in the background, the organization that SHIELD battled for 3 seasons appears to have a completely different agenda – or is it so different from what we’ve come to expect? If Coulson is any indication this so-called “perfect” reality created by Aida and Radcliffe has a lot of problems.  We’re told that this is a world “without regrets” but a reality where people are oppressed – a lack of regret would appear to mean a lack of empathy for those who are different.



It’s an important lesson, one that rings true in today’s reality.  The notion of “The Framework” and what it means to those who are different might have intriguing implications for this reality.  If we are, as Jed Whedon offered, “defined by our regrets and our mistakes.” then is it the pain and discomfort that we suffer through which makes us human and allows us to empathize with others?


We’re left with tons of questions, these posters, and 3 more weeks of prep time before Agents of SHIELD enters the matrix and becomes Agents of HYDRA.  How are you coping? Share your feelings with us in the comments below.   Be sure to catch up by watching the trailer for episode 4×16 “What If”

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returns April 4th.


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