Fashion Friday: ANOVOS Collection Offers High End Cosplay Based On Films

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COSPLAY. The very word conjures images of fancy dresses, good times with friends and fantastic photo opportunities. The cosplay community has grown by leaps and bounds as superhero films take center stage, and buoyed by companies like Disney that make a living off of encouraging people to live out their dreams and fantasies.

Children’s superhero costumes have always been popular, from the more detailed and professional to costumes from Party City and other companies.  Those costumes are more readily available, and now different companies are getting involved in the creation of high quality adult recreations of famous costumes for every day wear.  One of the biggest and best providers is ANOVOS, a high quality replica creator offering replica jackets and helmets.

They’ve got a brand new Marvel collection based on items used in the films from helmets to jackets.  These 3 brand new jackets are pricey but they’re based on actual patterns from the films.

Up first is this Captain America jacket made of rubberized print, nylon, and cotton.  Lined with blue satin, this piece comes lined with blue satin.  It also comes with a detachable leather harness for anyone who wants to hit a convention with a photo worthy piece.  The cosplay quality jacket isn’t suitable for children and it’s an investment at 500 dollars but can you really put a cost on high quality jackets suitable for photography or children’s parties?

This second piece based on Ant-Man’s Scott Lang is made of real leather and lined with red satin.  It’s got 2 pockets and it’s also based on the Captain America: Civil War costume.  The zipper pull is an ant-man mask, a great little in joke and a bit of fun for the fans.  It’s another 500 dollar piece but it’s the first reasonable ant-man jacket that we’ve seen.  If you’re a fan of Scott Lang, it’s a must for you!

This final piece is of particular interest to Black Widow fans.  Made of leather and netting, this black widow jacket is lined in widow-red satin (Don’t you love the color name?) . It’s also based on the Captain America: Civil War jumpsuit design.  This one’s special however as it comes with a set of “widow’s bite” bracelets.  With a retail price of 300 dollars (much better then the Ant Man and Captain America jackets right?) It’s priced to move and a must for any Black Widow fan!

ANVOS also features a collection of masks from various characters including Iron Man, Ant Man, and Black Panther. Stored in collectible cases, these masks are more suitable for display then cosplay the helmets are 1.3rd scale.  We’ll be covering them in our collectible round up so make sure to stay tuned!

In the meantime, which Jacket is your favorite? Are you planning on picking any up? Share with us your thoughts about the ANVOS collection in the comments below.  There’s even a 10% off coupon to get you guys started. These’re available now and we hope to see them at cons soon!

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