Fashion Friday: Dress Like Colleen Wing And The Women Of Iron Fist

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If you’re like me, you love the idea of fashion posts and polyvore.  You’re also obsessed with dressing like characters on television shows.  Thankfully the internet provides a number of options for the look-obsessed individual like myself.  This Fashion Friday we decided to talk Disney bounds and common outfits for the women of Iron Fist starting with a character we’re  personally excited for, Colleen Wing.


Colleen’s outfits are very practical – perfect for her no-nonsense lifestyle ready to fight alongside Danny Rand as Iron Fist.  Breaking down this outfit, we find her jacket (or something similar) at Target for 30 dollars.  You can also find a gray tank top at Target, or if you prefer check out this one from Gap.  She’s got a black tank top underneath too so be sure to layer accordingly.


Costume designer Stephanie Maslansky delivered great street looks and a nod to Colleen’s Iron Fist roots.  Her white outfit is iconic.  This jumpsuit saw a lot of action with star Misty Knight, and with so many great ladies looking to spin-off from Netflix, she made it come to life.   Jessica Henwick’s Colleen Wing is uncaged in the coolest way and she looks the comic part.  If you’re looking to dress like her include lots of white (and take a page from our previous Fashion Friday by adding an Iron Fist necklace.)


Jeri Hogarth is one of my favorite characters.  In Jessica Jones she sported a very specific color scheme of black on black – demonstrating her antagonist status.  Her black knit Vince Ribbed dress is currently sold out at Neiman Marcus but black dresses are available at multiple locations.  In Iron Fist Jeri continues her basic black ensemble, perfect for a woman on the go and a high powered attorney.

Add as much black as you can if you’re trying to dress like our favorite antagonistic attorney.  Keep it professional, clean lines and tailored looks and you’re ready for a high powered corporate take-over.  One of our favorite things about Jeri’s wardrobe is how it’s not gender conforming.  She’s still feminine with a very masculine take and we’re absolutely in love with it.


Claire Temple has quickly risen through the MCU to become a sort of New York era Phil Coulson of sorts.  Iron Fist marks actress Rosario Dawson’s fourth appearance as the character and one where she apparently will take more of an active role, learning how to defend herself from teacher Colleen Wing. Thankfully has a list of some of our favorite outfits if you’re looking to score Claire’s Unique look.  We recommend heading there for more looks, but in this case (since we don’t have any information about just what Claire will be wearing yet in Iron Fist let’s spotlight one of her looks from Luke Cage.

This gorgeous dark red coat is by Micheal Kors, and thankfully the Take provides a number of other websites where you can score the same coat for far cheaper.  Claire clearly has fantastic taste, much like costume designer Stephanie Maslansky.  The great thing about Dawson’s looks in every series has been the blend of practical and feminine.  She still manages to look good while pulling multiple looks together.  We can’t wait to see what she’s wearing in Iron Fist as we know that Claire will always look flawless.


In the comics Joy Meachum has an awesome backstory, poised to become a villain after blaming Iron Fist for the death of her father, she seems like another Jeri Hogarth (IE, another antagonist) in the potential making.  She and her father teamed up with Steel Serpent and other characters to try and take down Danny and the Defenders.  We have yet to see that reflected in her outfits however, as Joy seems to be a businesswoman but with a bit more flare for color.

Bright yellows usually indicate a relatively happy character.  Her patterned trench coat and bell bottoms envoke a hippie vibe (very reminiscent of FX’s Legion)  we currently don’t have a lead on that fabulous patterned trench coat (but it’s gorgeous isn’t it?). Courtesy of MCUFashion on tumblr however, we do have a lead on Joy’s fabulous Derek Lam cape black blouse as seen in the scene below.  For 358 dollars this gorgeous top can be yours (and it might just be worth it. It’s pretty fabulous.)

What the future holds for the women of Iron Fist remains to be seen. We do know however that they’ll be sporting some amazing looks this March 17th.  Do any of them appeal to you? Sound off and share in the comments below which one’s your favorite and which character you’re most excited for!

Marvel’s Iron Fist drops March 17th 2017 on netflix streaming.  It stars Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing, Carrie-Ann Moss as Jeri Hogarth, Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple, Jessica Stroup as Joy Meachum and of course, Finn Jones as Danny Rand.

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