Fashion Friday: Marvel Colleen Wing’s Souvenir Jacket

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The women of Iron Fist continue to set a fashion forward trend.  The best of them is Colleen Wing.  She’s got a fantastic fashion forward sense.  She’s not just a dojo owner, she’s setting a cutting edge trend in the MCU and nowhere is that more evident than with the souvenir jacket, taking the world by storm and prominently featured in her wardrobe. After her traditional comic white jumpsuit that costume designer Stephanie Maslansky put a wonderful spin on, this is probably her most iconic look to date.  This is a part of a growing trend in fashion lately of souvenir jackets on celebrities.

Costume designer Stephanie Maslansky found this piece of vintage clothing just before the trend hit.  These jackets are based on a popular world war 2 item called a sukajan.   These jackets were commissioned by American soldiers in WWII Japan in memory of their time overseas.  Featuring everything from Japanese dragons, tigers, cherry blossoms, to eagles and world war 2 iconography, these jackets were often crafted from left over parachute silk.  They were a great commemorative piece and a unique way of two cultures being combined to create something different and exciting.


The trend continued into 1960s Japan and came to represent a sign of noncomformity. According to, a popular fashion history blog, the most popular look in Japan was the “American Prep” look with clean lines and lots of “all American” feel.  These jackets were worn as a symbol of non-conformity and soon came to wrongly be connected to gang culture.  What began as a fashion collaboration turned into a means of non-conformity.

These jackets aren’t just found in Japan, the “sukajan” has appeared in Vietnam, Korea, and other locations.  They made a return with Zayne Malik in 2016 wearing a jacket at a Louie Vutton show.  Vutton’s versions keep the military out of it, sticking with traditional Japanese imagery.  The jacket’s history, and it’s resurgence makes it a very cool fashion piece and a must for Colleen Wing’s wardrobe.

Do you own a souvenir jacket? What do you think of it’s history? Share it with us in the comments below and don’t forget to catch Colleen Wing in Iron Fist now streaming on Netflix.

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