Ice Cube Might Voice Miles Morales’s Father In Animated Spider-Man

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Miles Morales is a fan favorite character in Marvel.  Created in the wake of #Donald4SpiderMan and the first in a push for inclusion within the house of ideas, Miles has a loyal and devoted fan following.  The Miles Morales animated film has been confirmed and with the directors of The Lego Movie onboard to direct it’s sure to be a box office smash.  He inspires people, from Stranger Things star Caleb Mclaughlin to Donald Glover himself.  While Glover is expected to reprise his role as Miles’s voice, the rest of the cast remains a mystery.  Until now.


According to Meet The Press, Ice Cube might be on track to voice the character’s father on the big screen.  The Fist fight and 21 and 21 Jump Street star has worked with Lord and Miller before.  He’s a big player and he has both comedic and dramatic chops, something that makes him a must for a Spider-Man film.  While fans had him pegged as a favorite to reprise JK Simmons’s J Jonah Jameson (That would have been beyond amazing). The potential to be involved with Miles Morales’s storyline would be incredibly cool.

Miles is the first Afro-Latinx character to take over a big role in the 616 universe.  He’s incredibly popular in the Disney XD series, and he has his own line of toys and more.  Introducing him on the big screen is very important and a hopeful stepping stone to seeing him in some capacity in the MCU at large.  Anyone connected to this deserves a spot light and Ice Tea would bring both pathos and humor to the role – giving him a richly deserved space in a superhero universe that he so desperately needs.

Is this something you want to see though? Intrigued by the potential of Miles meeting his father on the big screen? Just want to talk Miles? Tell us in the comments below.  The Untitled Animated Spider-Man movie hits theaters December 21rst 2018.

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