Inhumans: Gorgon Character Profile

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In order to prepare you to welcome the Inhumans Royal Family in IMAX theaters and on ABC this fall, we have yet another important character profile to unveil. Today’s backstory belongs to Gorgon Petragon, a paternal cousin of Black Bolt and Maximus as well as the leader of Attilan’s military. He will be portrayed on screen by Eme Ikwuakor (Extant), and his character breakdown described him as having “super strong legs, complete with hooves.” He can “generate destructive seismic waves with a single stomp,” and “would rather fight than talk to solve his problems.” In this way he is the opposite of Karnak (played by Ken Leung), who acts as the Royal Family’s philosopher.

Gorgon has a long history, having been first introduced in Fantastic Four #44 back in 1965. It is important to note that this issue is also the first reference to the race of Inhumans in Marvel’s continuity, though they are not explicitly named in the comic itself. In his debut appearance, Gorgon is sent by Maximus to recover Medusa and bring her back to Attilan. Unbeknownst to Gorgon, Maximus wants to force Medusa to become his queen now that he’s claimed the throne and exiled his brother. Medusa has been struck by amnesia and thus flees from Gorgon, protected by a Dragon Man because she reminds him of Sue.

When Gorgon managed to make it back to an Inhumans hideout with Medusa in tow, the reunion with family members such as her sister Crystal prompted Medusa’s memories to return. Despite Maximus’  interference, Black Bolt regained his throne and his Queen, and Gorgon stayed loyal to them after having been tricked. The battle for power decimated Attilan and the Royal Family was exiled until it could be rebuilt, so Gorgon traveled the human world with his cousins.

While Gorgon always had a hooves for feet, it wasn’t until S.H.I.E.L.D. agents exposed him to Second Terregenesis in Silent War that he gained a more monstrous form. Regardless of his appearance – and of the various times he has accidentally betrayed the Inhuman Royal Family – he was selected to be a part of Medusa’s Diplomatic Mission to improve relations with humans as well as help NuHumans going through Terregenesis. Aside from being incredibly strong, his legs have the ability to produce shock waves with a single stomp.

Aside from being Black Bolt’s bodyguard and a diplomat for the Inhumans, Gorgon is also a family man. That is an aspect I would love to see developed on the television series, given that it adds surprising depth to his character. His daughter Alecto tries to run off with her forbidden love and his son Petras nearly died after disappearing in the Fall of Attilan. These events, if they occur on the Inhumans series, would be enough to fuel a compelling family drama that ties back to the politics and intrigue of the Royal Family.

The Inhumans will premiere in September 2017 on IMAX before moving to ABC. Check back tomorrow for more character profiles, especially for Medusa and Black Bolt!

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