Iron Fist Episode Review 1.11-1.12

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Iron Fist Episode 1.12 Review and Recap:

Bar The Big Boss Episode Synopsis:

Ward receives an offer with strings attached. Davos advocates for an extreme solution, and a deadly duel gets personal.

Ward (Tom Pelphery) is given an offer by Bakuto (Ramon Rodriguez) to that would mutually benefit both of them.  However, Joy (Jessica Stroup) will find out about the offer that may cause a wedge between these two siblings.

Colleen (Jessica Henwick) and Davos (Sacha Dhawan) butt heads while Danny (Finn Jones) seems torn about who’s side to take. He attempts to take middle ground between the two, but that doesn’t necessarily go so well. Colleen also feels immense guilt for what has happened; Danny attempts to comfort her.

Someone close to Danny is injured in hopes that it will send Danny/Iron Fist running into a trap. Does Danny show up? Will Ward’s deal fall apart? These are all questions that will be answered at the end of the episode.

One of my favorite moments of this episode, though it is  brief is when Bakuto is telling the urban legend he grew up with called “The Sack Man”.  Alright, honestly, I could listen to Bakuto (Ramon Rodriguez) speak all day, because his voice is so soothing, which I believe is the whole point in setting up Bakuto’s character.

There’s a classic Marvel-Netflix style hallway fight scene in this episode. As well as one of the coolest fight move Colleen does! Colleen is serious business, and I’m here for it. At the end of the fight scene for Colleen, she must decide on whether or not she should kill her opponent. Davos, however, ends up making the decision for her.

The recurring theme of the show seems to be is Danny, just Danny Rand or is he the Iron Fist. In this episode someone asks him that question, once again, making Danny question his destiny and who he is. Will Danny and Davos’ relationship be broken or will it grow stronger? This question and the question about who is Danny exactly are answered in this episode.

Just like most episodes in the later half of the season, this episode is a step up from the first half of the season. There’s still a bit of pacing issues with this show, but this episode is probably more of the quicker paced episodes. Iron Fist has several shining moments, and it is worth checking out and forming your opinion about the show.

Will Danny defeat the big bad? is the Hand going to be a problem for the Defenders? What is in store for Davos, Claire, and the Meachums? Find out in Episode 13!

Let us know what you thought about episode 11 and 12 in the comments!

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