Marvel Announces Comic Book Advertisements Coming To Theaters Near You

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Comic book films have dominated the cultural zeitgeist for over a decade now. From films like Iron Man to the most recent block buster smash Logan, comic books are in theaters, and it would appear as if they’re taking further steps to include the medium that has inspired so many films further into media. According to newsarama, fans who head to theaters to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 might catch a few ads for the upcoming Secret Empire comic book event.

How soon can fans expect ads? That remains to be seen however it would appear that Marvel is planning on advertising in more then just “theaters”.   In addition to heading to theaters to terrify fans with the story of Captain America gone wrong, fans will also be hit on the smaller screen with dedicated television and advertisement campaigns, on-air interviews, and dedicated spots featuring Secret Empire and advertising Marvel’s upcoming slate of  X-Men comics like X-Men: Blue and X-Men: Gold. 

This is a nice change. Fans have digested Earth-1999 without considering the worlds that came before.  While actors might lament the lack of interaction between Logan and Captain America on camera, they have plenty of interactions off camera.  This is also a great opportunity to introduce fans to new characters who hopefully will take their place in the Cinematic Universes, from Kamala Khan to Lunella Lafayette, also known as Ms. Marvel and Moon Girl respectfully.  While a Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur series might be a network pipe dream, pointing fans in her direction might make it a very tangible reality.

Do you think that comics belong in movie theaters? Are you upset that we’ll be getting even more advertisements before they hit the big screen? Tell us your feelings (and tell us if you’re reading Secret Empire in the comments below.)  There’s no current date for when these advertisements are expected to begin.

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