Marvel Announces Edge of Venomverse

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Marvel has announced a new comic book series today. The series is titled Edge of Venomverse. The Edge of Venomverse will be available in June, so far there are five issues attached to the series. Not only will we see the return of Eddie Brock, but others Marvel heroes will become host to symbiotes.  Marvel teases that Brock won’t be the only familiar character returning. Any thoughts on who the returning characters could be?

Symbiotes will be causing chaos and destruction throughout the series. There will be awesome team ups that no one will want to miss. The series will feature the most popular characters from March’s Venomized variant program.

Art released from Marvel:

News regarding official characters involved and creators will be coming soon. Edge Of Venomverse #1 will be available everywhere in comic book stores in June. Of course, we’ll update with an official date and more as soon as more information comes our way.

Let us know in the comments what you think about this upcoming series! Are there any characters that you’d like to see in this run? Is there a dream creator or creators you’d like attached to this project? Sound off in the comments!

As always, we’ll continue to update you on all things Marvel!


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