The Marvel Reporters’ Commentary on the June 2017 Marvel Solicits

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On a monthly basis The Marvel Report will be commentating on the new Marvel solicits. This month the Marvel Reporters will be discussing Marvel’s June solicits. Read the full solicits here on Comic Frontline.

Commentators: Kat, Jeremy, Louis, Jay, Josh, Scooter 

Editor: Kat


Jay – I am not sure about this event. I started out thinking this was just another Marvel event and wasn’t excited. Then upon hearing more about it I started to feel the anticipation. Now I am kind of back to thinking just another event from Marvel. It is being over enflated.

Scooter – So the idea that the heroes are going to finally find out about Cap’s secret Hydra affiliation is exciting! What power is involved and how are they going to defeat Ultron, or will they defeat him at all? I’ll be looking forward to how this entire series turns out.


Jay – I know I am not excited about Secret Empire, or most of the tie-ins, but this one I am excited for, because of the Invaders. I wonder what will Jim Hammonds name be? In Squadron Supreme it was implied at least that he changed his name


Jay – I am not sure where this book is going, but it does mention New Tian, which was the name of the Mutant sanctuary in the Ultimate X-Men with Jean Grey, I wonder if this is a bleed through.

Scooter – Based on the solicit it seems that Steve has achieved some sort of Utopia but right it’s unclear as to exactly how. I’m excited about this just because it straddles the grey area of right and wrong and crossing that line. The means justify the ends or vice versa?


Jay – I don’t know the Champions are kind of too political for me, and with this book, I think it will get worst.


Jay – I like some of the members like Hercules, but do we REALLY need more tie-ins?


Jay – Champions of Europe? No thank you! When did Ares return to life? He was pulled out of time in Contest of the Champions but should have returned to die.


Kat – Looks like this is going to be a good issue for Ms. Marvel.

Jay – I am still iffy on this team, I think it will either be great or a fail, no in between.


Kat – I’ve been debating about dropping this series, but I might just get this issue for the epic MJ cover.

Jay – I want this title to be bigger. Carol is now THE premiere female hero in the Marvel Universe, yet she is relegated to a space fight? Why is this called The Mighty Captain Marvel and not The Mighty Alpha Flight? I don’t know. If you want this team to have a book, fine do one, but have the Captain Marvel solo title be about HER.


Jay – I am still enjoying this series! I love the team and the mission statement, I can’t wait to see what is coming here.


Kat – I normally don’t pick up Doctor Strange, but I might have to read this issue with Dennis Hopeless (the writer on the almost concluded Spider Woman series) writing a Spider Woman team up. P.S. if you aren’t reading Spider Woman, you really should read it.

Scooter – Strange will team up with just about anyone and it seems the Kingpin is no exception. This has been one of Marvel’s best ongoing runs and I’m anxious to see what other wild adventures will come of it.


Kat – I’m not very interested in the Superior Octopus story, it seems too similar to Superior Spider-Man and way too soon to tell that story again.

Louis – After reading the teaser from ASM #25 I am excited to see Doc Oct as the Superior Octopus. Superior Spider-Man is one of my favorite comics and it will be interesting seeing Oct destroy the company he built.

Jay – So Amazing Spider-Man is now adapting stories or ideas from the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon? I knew the Superior Octopus was coming since Superior Spider-Man, have to see how they play it out.


Louis – Isn’t this title being released in May? Seems a little early for an annual. Nevertheless it will be great seeing the Guardians meeting the 616 version of Yondu Udonta.


Kat – I’m invested in this upcoming Venom arc, and this first issue seems very interesting.

Jay – Well without announcing it I think this solicitation just announced that Venomverse is happening. I am excited to see the Venomnized X-23. She looks cool and the story sounds awesome!


Kat –  I’m excited to have a series focusing on Spider-Man’s roots, but I hope that this series won’t just be purely comedy.

Jeremy – While I usually have a hard time getting into Zadarski’s books the premise has me very interested.

Louis – Despite my love of Dan Slott’s run on ASM, part of me misses Spider-Man back in New York City. Thankfully Spectacular Spider-Man will fulfill this need.

Jay – Not sure about this creative team but I am interested in checking it out, I just hope Zdarksy doesn’t do the jokes in the margins that he is known to do.


Kat – I’m really glad that Marvel is bringing the Netflix Defenders into their own comic book, and Bendis and Marquez is the perfect creative team to do so.

Louis – Brian Michael Bendis isn’t one of my favorite writers but if he’s writing Jessica Jones or Daredevil then I’ll definitely give it a read. This book uses the characters featured on Marvel’s Netflix series to take on street level threats. This title is also great preparation for the Defenders series on Netflix which will be out later in 2017.

Jay – Looking forward to this book and to see how the team comes together.

ICEMAN #1 & #2

Kat – I wasn’t planning on picking up Iceman, but I have to pick up this Kitty Pryde team up issue.

Jay – No!


Louis – Doom hasn’t interacted with a lot Heroes since becoming the new Iron Man so this will be an interesting team up for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.


Jeremy – Finally we find out more about Victor’s mother. That’s something I’ve wanted answers for since issue 1.


Scooter – Riri is still a new character but so far she’s proved to be quite likeable. So far her fighting ability and tactical acumen has been challenged but what about her morals? How will she react under pressure? I can’t wait to see her develop more and this issue will challenge her.


Kat – Hmm What does this mean for Jane? Is she still starring in this book? I hope so because that’s the main reason I’m ready Thor.

Jay – I hope this means that Odinson will be a Thor again, and possibly get rid of that fake arm?


Kat – Jen has been watching cooking shows to help tame her Hulk. So it’s interesting to see this plot line tie into a greater story arc. Hulk is quickly becoming one of my favorite Marvel titles on the racks because of the story’s attention to detail and character development.

Jay – This book continues the streak of being my most anticipated Marvel Book 7 months now!

Josh – I’ve been enjoying this series so far and I’m excited to see how far they can take it. The viral theme they’re using in this issue should be fun, and it’s always fun when Hulks get angry on live television.


Scooter – This series has been taking Cosmic to an entirely new level. With a cast of diverse characters we get to see first hand the most powerful cosmic forces of the universe clashing and like every issue of The Ultimates, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this duel.


Kat – I recently dropped this series, but I may pick up this issue to learn more about Viv.

Jeremy – I loved The Vision series and I’m hoping to get some closure from this issue.

Jay – I loved the Vision series and I love Viv Vision, I hope Waid can do this one justice.

Scooter – The Vision series is one the best runs I’ve read, ever. We never got a focused lens on Viv after the events of that series so I’m looking forward to bow they decide to handle this.


Kat – Hmmm bringing Kaine in the mix!

Louis – So Ben will be back in his classic costume after two issues and he’ll be fighting Kaine as well. I don’t like to judge books prematurely but this feels a little rushed to me.

Jay – Ok so the solicitations directly contradicts the press release and confirms that the costume change was due to the backlash of fans. But I could care less, I want Ben to be Ben again he was morphed more into more like old school Kaine.


Jay – I can’t wait to see a Goblin free Norman take on Spider-Man.


Kat – I’m really glad to see Harry Osborn back in the book, his arc was one of the strongest of the series.  Second – that Mary Jane variant is epic, and I need to get it!

Jay – The world building is great for this title, she needs to explore Earth-65! I hope we see X-23 on this Earth.


Kat – We’ve been seeing a lot of Venom stories recently, but I have to say I’m super excited to see what MJ does with the symbiote.

Jeremy – The concept of Venom MJ is really interesting. Ever since Venom has been around MJ has been afraid of it it’ll be interesting to see what happens when she embraces it.

Jay – Not sure what to think about MJ as Venom.I think I read too much Spider-Girl because I think MJ should be too scared to even wear the plain suit.


Kat – Nice to see Bombshell on the cover!

Jay – NO! It is not okay to use this name for this team! Why not create a new team with Young Iceman and someone else. Or I don’t know Miles, Kamala and Sam?

SPIDER-MAN 2099 #24

Jay – I know I am not alone in enjoying this title nor am I alone in feeling that it being in the 616 and not in 2099 leaves us missing something. Miguel has no supporting cast really, it seems to float from one thing to the next. Build him a world in the 616 and make him a real part of it!

VENOM #151

Jay – Interesting that Marvel decided to return this book out of all of their books to the legacy numbering. I am glad that Brock is Venom again, further supports my feeling that the Venom movie will be Eddie Brock and not Flash Thompson. Not sure what to think about them returning him to hating Spider-Man, I feel like Venom and Brock have grown so much over the years, this is real regression.


Kat – I love when Ms. Marvel makes things personal! This is not just a story about Ms. Marvel, but it’s also about Kamala Khan. It also looks like we will be getting a spotlight on Kamala’s supporting cast with this issue, the series is always at its best when Kamala’s supporting cast is involved.


Jay – I love the Inhumans and the Royal Family, especially Black Bolt, he is such an interesting and dynamic character. My problem with the ResurrXion Inhuman books is that the Royals including Black Bolt are in space with Ronan and the whole Hala situation, yet in his title he is being held captive somewhere. These books need to share a cohesive continuity.


Kat – Marvel hasn’t explored Kate’s past nearly enough, I’m very excited to see Kate’s interaction with her family roots. I also really like the cover showing how much Kate has changed from her privileged past.

Jay – I hope we finally get to see some of Kate’s background. Kate has been around for over a decade and was a popular character from Young Avengers to Hawkeye, but I never felt her life has been fleshed out. I hope this is the start of that.


Jay – I had a hard time connecting to America in issue 1. I think we need to stop talking about the cosmic interdimensional, stuff and focus on her as a character. She is such an interesting character, but like Kate Bishop we really do not know much about her as a character.

Josh – I really love this series. I think Gabby Rivera has a hit on her hands and she knows exactly what to do with it. America is America in a lot of ways and it’s fun to live in a world where we can go along for rides with her, no matter how fleeting they might be.


Josh – T’Challa continues to own the pages of this series penned by Ta-Nehisi Coates, who, like Gabby Rivera, is taking the helm of a project meant to be about inclusion and finding the finest voices of each race, religion, and ethnicity to bring these characters to life. I think Black Panther is the best comic Marvel is currently putting out.


Josh – Another series set in the world of Wakanda and authored by Ta-Nehisi Coates. This book hasn’t even been printed yet and it knows it has my $4. Some books are just bought before they’re ever released, that’s how good the writing Coates has brought to the series.


Josh – I am not sure how I feel about this series yes, but I think I am going to dive a little deeper. Thus far, Sarah Dewey is the most exciting part of this story, but I imagine that our titulr character will spring to life in ways that only Wilson Fisk can do. All of this over a biography or does Kingpin have something more sinister going on?


Kat – Interesting that Bendis is giving us the point of view of Maria Hill in this issue.

MAN-THING #5 (of 5)

Jay – I can’t believe that this book is only a 5 issue mini series. I hope that Marvel can grab R.L. Stine and bring him onto a new ongoing Man-Thing book because I loved the first issue. I can’t wait to read this!


Jay – I fell for this book. Kid Kaiju is awesome. I think Marvel is doing a great thing with their new young heroes like Moon Girl, Ms. Marvel, and now Kid Kaiju. This is where Marvel shines with their new characters.


Jay – I LOVED Vision so yeah I’m double dipping and grabbing this!


Josh – It’s Frank Castle and I’m me, which means I’ll buy anything with Frank Castle in it. I’ve loved this series and think Becky Cloonan is at the top of her game right now. She is crushing the pages of this series with action scenes straight out of The Fast and the Furious series, only much bloodier and with more old folks killing people.


Josh – The conclusion to what I assume was an attempt to turn everyone’s favorite Daredevil villain into an anti-hero has either been 86’ed or was turned into a five part mini-series. Either way, Bullseye has always had interesting side tales (see: The Perfect Game) and maybe this one delivers over the last three books.


Jeremy – This is one of the most fun books I’ve been reading. I really wanna see Rich give Sam dating advice or an awkward space version of the talk.


Jay – I am loving All-New Wolverine. Tom Taylor has really found a sweet spot with Laura, I hope Marvel gives him more work (maybe a Young Avengers title?)but the Alien Virus sounds a lot like what happened with Wolverine that lead to his death.





Jay – I know this is another event but this one has me intrigued. Wolverine and Hulk have a long history together going back to  Wolverine’s first appearance, so to see a hybrid of the two has me hyped for this. BATCH-H could be the next big thing.

X-MEN: GOLD #5 & 6

Jay – X-Men Gold is going back to the core of the mutants, the Sentinels. But is this Sentinel a mutant? If it mutated could it eventually be that machine that identifies itself as the mutant and either joins them or dies by either killing itself or sacrificing itself to save them?

X-MEN: BLUE #5 & 6

Jay – I want to like this team, this is the team of X-Men I fell in love with, the original X-Men. This group is so different that those X-Men though that I am not sure I can. They need to go back to the roots of all these characters.


Jay – I know I am being too hopeful to wish that Marvel will use the Phoenix and this story as a way to bring back present day Jean and maybe have her come back for once in complete control of the Phoenix Force. Marvel (Especially the mutants) need a Deuce Ex Machina and what better one than Jean Grey?  Return the young X-Men. Return Bobby back to who is always was. Resurrect Cyclops, Wolverine and Professor X. Hey I can hope!


Jay – Like Kat I am a sucker for the youth team books so this books has my attention. I also like these mystery tales, so double attention paid!


Kat – This is a better time period to base a Darth Vader solo series.

Jay – YES! YES! YES! This is the Darth Vader book I wanted! The original Trilogy introduced us to Darth Vader and saw his sort of redemption. The Prequels showed us how he succumbed to the Dark Side. The new Trilogy explores his legacy in a way. But the one point we never really eplored was this time right after he became Vader. How does he adjust? Suffice it to say I am looking forward to this! Best of all? NO DR. APHRA!!!!

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