Maximus the Mad Character Profile

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Maximus Boltagon, also called Maximus the Mad is brother to the king of the Inhumans, Black Bolt. Maximus never liked his brother and has always plotted to overthrow his brother. He does not show outward hate to his brother. Maximus is more of a quiet coup planner. He has been successful on more than one occasion in actually getting rid of Black Bolt.

Maximus is an incredibly intelligent man that veers towards mad scientist. His intellect is his inhuman power and he is not shy about using it for unsavory means. Whether he is making terrible weapons or performing experiments on the Inhumans cloned servants, the Alpha Primatives. Through all his betrayal Black Bolt will sometimes forgive him and bring him back to their home Attilan where Maximus can be watched. Black Bolt and Maximus kind of have a Thor and Loki relationship; they hate each other, but in the end Black Bolt would still rather have his villainous brother be his problem than the world’s.

In the upcoming show I really hope to see a Maximus that is a bit quiet and evil. He’s not scream to the sky crazy. And he wouldn’t let Black Bolt know before hand that he is plotting something. For the character to be successful he should be cordial to his brother’s face, then planning quietly behind his back. He’s the mastermind that would slowly reveal himself once everything is set.

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