New HYDRA Recruitment Posters Offer Terrifying Glimpse of Life In The FrameWork

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While Agents of SHIELD’s premiere is still a long ways off, the official Agents of SHIELD twitter released some propaganda posters that paint a grim picture of life for inhumans in the framework.  A world of monitoring, suspicion, and lies seems to await Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons as they try and save their friends.

This terrifying glimpse into the Framework’s reality paints a pretty grim picture of what Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons are up against.  While fans might get more information at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest coming up this weekend in Chicago and Wondercon later in the month, these images leave fans with more questions then answers and more concern then hope.  Agents of SHIELD has never let people down when it comes to making sure our favorite agents get through in a pinch, could this be the one time that they fail?

Writers Jed and Maurissa have hinted that this reality has very real world consequences, not just for those involved in the framework but for our world as well.  These posters, proclaiming inhumanity as evil and alliances with HYDRA as important have a terrifying bent.  From an artistic standpoint they’re  cool, reminiscent of the bioshock video game’s encouragement and propaganda that “There are no gods or kings, only man.” a point emphasized by the return of the show’s biggest villain Brett Dalton.

Indeed, keeping “only men” seems to be the goal of the Framework, keeping humanity in power despite the growing changes in actual reality.  While we know the framework is a world without regrets, does this mean that a world without differences, indeed without humanity if you assume that it’s built by Aida who isn’t human – would be a world with fascist rule?  Is being “human” rooted in our differences, even those differences that are considered the most extreme?

The framework says yes and these posters ask you to report anything that looks different or unique to the proper authorities.


Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC April 4th 2017.

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