REVIEW: Jessica Jones #6 – “Once more, with feeling”

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Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler: Michael Gaydos
Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth
Letterer: VC’S Cory Petit
Release Date: 03/08/17
Price: $3.99

History repeats itself for poor ol’ Jessica as she tries to play hero in the only way she knows how. Sometimes Jessica makes the wrong decisions for good reasons. Where she ends up because of it is no one’s fault but her own.


Carol Danvers is ambushed at a S.H.I.E.L.D safe-house and has her powers completely neutralized. Jessica stands and watches as Alison Greene attacks Carol. Greene’s plan she reveals to Carol is to kill the Champions and subsequently have superheroes blamed for it.

Alison’s plan gets thwarted as it is revealed that Jessica was indeed on the same side as Carol all along. Despite her reputation being ruined, her marriage being ruined and even going to jail – Jessica did what was right in her own way.

But Carol can. Anyone who knows Jessica understands that the only way she can be a hero is in her own self-destructive way.  Not to be forgotten is the small B plot of issue#6 in which

Not to be forgotten is the small B plot of issue#6 in which Luke finally puts the clues together for where Jessica is keeping her daughter. Luke finds his daughter with Jessica’s mother and tells her that he cannot forgive her. Despite Jessica’s victory with Carol, she continues to keep losing what matters most.


The thing about the story of Jessica Jones issue #6 is it feels like it has been done over and over again with her character. Jessica is constantly mucking her life up under the guise of being a hero, it’s what makes her such an interesting character. However, it does not make for an interesting read. Bendis is a talent of a writer that seems to be wasting away on a story with an obvious end.

Jessica’s journey has not been one with enough emotional stakes to keep it at a meaningful level. Even the B plot with Luke feels flat as they have barely interacted this entire run.

The only interesting thing about this issue was the depiction of Jessica and Carol’s relationship and the ease in which they can hurt each other. Opening up on a panel of a moment of them long, long ago was a nice way to play into the heartstrings of readers who love these characters.

Carol knows what to say to hurt Jessica and vice versa. They way in which they get under each other’s skin all under the guise of pretending seems far too real to only be pretend. Here’s hoping Bendis takes this story someplace new for the sake of Jessica and her constant, repetitious pain.


Michael Gaydos has a peculiar art style that truly fits well with the world of Jessica Jones. It’s murky and often times expressionless in a way that is fitting to Jessica as a character. However, he is not one for drawing action sequences. They all feel flat and lack follow through with their action.

The punches quite literally lack a punch. There barely seems like an impact is made and the expression lacks pain completely. Gaydos has a knack for capturing the personal moments with his art style but really should shy away from action sequences – easier said than done when drawing for a comic book.

The coloring of Matt Hollingsworth once again matches the world of Jessica Jones. My favorite part was the little snippets of purple throughout a trait that has been apparent throughout Jessica Jones history. The purples especially played out with moments involving Luke Cage.

The purple and red hues all throughout the background of the last scene with her Mother is beautiful and paves the way for an emotional journey coming for Jessica. Overall, Gaydos does what he can do to save the story and Hollingsworth’s colours truly capture the beauty of this world.


Jessica Jones #6 is not entirely worth the $3.99 price tag. Even as a fan of the character and Bendis, I was confused and never fully invested. My favorite part of the entire issue was the coloring which is such a minimal part of an issue. If you are not looking for the coloring in an issue then you would not even notice it. It never held my interest much and often times I felt like I was one step ahead (and not in a fun way!)

Star Rating

2 Stars


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