REVIEW: Moon Knight #12 – “Old Friends and Old Enemies”

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Writer: Jeff Lemire
Penciller: Greg Smallwood
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Rating: T+
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 03/01/17

Moon Knight

Plot: Marc Spector’s quest to save his friend from Anubis continues. Last issue Marc was facing his execution in the Overvoid. Fortunately, Marc is saved thanks to his other personalities and complete his quest. Meanwhile, Moon Knight’s secret origin continues via flashback when Marc and Frenchie meet the Bushman.

Story: The return of Marc Spector’s other personalities is the highlight of this issue. At first I felt this was just another example of deus ex machina but then I remembered the role Marc’s other personalities play in the Moon Knight mythology. During this arc’s flashbacks, the reader learns that Marc’s other personalities are the reason he spent most of his life in a psychiatric facility. While most people saw Marc’s other personalities as a handicap, they have helped him  during his time as Moon Knight. This statement is proven in this issue when they help free Marc and complete his quest for Anubis.

Meanwhile, the flashbacks show us more of Marc’s past as a mercenary and stop when Marc and Frenchie meet Raoul Bushman. For those unfamiliar, Bushman is responsible for Marc meeting Khonshu and becoming Moon Knight. The way this flashback ended tells me that the “secret origin” part of this arc may end next issue. The final part will focus primarily on Marc’s final confrontation with Khonshu.

Art: First of all, the panel layouts really help move the story along during the fight scenes. Second, the way Greg Smallwood drew some of the panels as onomatopoeias was entertaining because as I read them I could hear the sound effects in my mind. In other words, if this were a movie then these panels would be the loudest sounds you’d hear. Another thing I enjoyed was the background of the Overvoid scenes. Overvoid’s background is a nice mixture of colors that help draw the reader’s focus to the characters and objects in the panels.

Verdict: What separates Moon Knight from other non-powered costumed heroes is his multiple personalities. While most would say this is a weakness, Marc Spector turns them into one of his greatest strengths. That is the message Jeff Lemire tells the reader about this character with this issue. Plus the flashbacks are a great way to introduce new readers to the origin of Moon Knight. Overall, if you like characters who turn their flaws into strengths then this is the book for you.

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