Sony Developing Venom As Start Of R-Rated “Sony Marvel Universe”

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Spider-Man: Homecoming continues to approach theaters, but new spider-man universe news continues unabated. This morning, Collider reported that the proposed Venom spin-off will be developed as a part of a Spider-Man Marvel universe that will make it’s home at Sony.  While we saw hints of this from Marvel with planned Amazing Spider-Man sequels, the Venom spin-off will be R-rated, and it won’t connect to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy might be disappointed, but it’s a bold gambit that might pay dividends.  With Deadpool and Logan changing the superhero game, Sony seems poised to create the first super villain centered film.

The plans to create a Sony Marvel Universe (do we call it the SMU? The Sony Verse? The “spider” verse?) throws the planned Black Cat and Silver Sable films into doubt.  It would appear that Peter Parker’s femme fatale will not cross pass with Tom Holland – at least, not anytime soon.  Instead of Kevin Feige, the Spider verse will be headed by Tim Rothman, head of Sony Pictures.  Mr Rothman must feel positive about Venom, as the release date indicates that the film is ready to go ahead.  What might that entail?  Can it work without Peter Parker as the hero? Can you center a film around a super villain?

An interesting clue is offered with Silver Sable.  In the comics, ‘Silver Sablinova’ was a nazi hunter who tangled with HYDRA after the kidnapping of her cousin.  She crossed paths with Parker repeatedly, but a universe without Peter and without HYDRA makes her a mercenary of Punisher caliber.   If Sable becomes a focal point character she could end up hunting the venom parasite and tangle with it’s hosts making her a hero versus Venom’s villain.  The r-rating leaves a lot of room for violence.  Could this R-Rated venom be the first R-rated horror/superhero film?  The Venom parasite is known for feeding on rage and driving it’s hosts insane.  If we introduce a host, say, Eddie Brock, and Sable and Black Cat team up to hunt him down, will this be a trilogy of films?

There’s obviously a lot to explore! Does the idea of an R-Rated venom intrigue you? Do you think Sony can pull off an R-rated super villain film? Sound off in the comments below and tell us what you think true believers.

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