Top 5 Mutants for Untitled X-Men Show

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Greetings True Believers, if you’ve been following our site recently, you probably know that FOX is currently working on a yet to be titled X-Men show pilot. For those that don’t know, the show will be about a family of 4 forced to go on the run and join an underground network of mutants, when it is discovered that the one child has mutant abilities. Initially, rumors led us to believe that there would be no prominent X-Men related characters on the show.

However, it was recently revealed that both Blink and Polaris will be prominent characters on the show. So, this got me thinking. What other X-Men related characters could we see on the show? Here is a list of five characters I think would be perfect for the show, and how they would fit on it.


  1. Tempus

Having only been around since 2013, Tempus, real name Eva Bell, is still relatively new to the comic world, however she has already proven herself to be a powerful member. Eva has the power of Chronokinesis. This means that she can slow down time in a certain spot and, by herself, actually time travel. Since it has to deal with time travel, the history is obviously complex. I think she’d be a cool addition to the show. She could be a friend to the daughter character. Also, as a long time TV fan, I can tell you this. Her ability to time travel and the fact that she can sometimes accidentally active them could help out a lot from a story aspect. Another use is for her is she could warn the heroes of an impending threat or accidentally leave when she’s needed the most.

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