Unboxing Review: LootCrate Marvel Gear + Goods Logan Edition

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Collecting memorabilia is a big part of being into comics and comic book characters. Ask any fan of comics and they’ve likely spent more money on memorabilia than they have on comics and they still probably spent thousands on comics. It’s a cruel addiction, but LootCrate Marvel Gear and Goods is worth the money and the habit.

If you’ve never subscribed to LootCrate Marvel Gear and Goods, it’s an every-other-month service offered by LootCrate. The cost of the box is $34.99 and you get about 4-7 items in every box, most of them being usable. As always, the boxes are themed and are usually timed with the release of Marvel products. As an example, this month’s box was heavily influenced by Logan and the upcoming box is titled Cosmic Party, I’ll leave you to guess why it’s titled that when it is due out in May.

This month’s box contained a lot of items that I really enjoy. The first item is a Wolverine canvas go-bag, which is essentially a Wolverine-themed backpack. The second item included is the All New Wolverine canvas water bottle, which is essentially an X-23 (I very stupidly said X-22) canteen covered in canvas. The third item included is an X-Force headlamp, which is a lamp you can wear on your head. It’s great for reading comics at night. The next item was a pair of Wolverine socks, then a Wolverine key holder which folds out the keys like Logan’s claws. Finally, there was a Sabretooth pin. Pins are included in every box and they’re almost always villains.

Every box received also can be transformed into an item related to the theme. The mystical box transformed into the Book of the Darkhold and this box transforms into a lookalike of a metal chest with Weapon X written on it and Wolverine slash marks through it. It’s just a fun way to take your box and turn into something else.

If you’re a fan of Marvel, I highly recommend getting these boxes. Here is a link where you can sign up. I can’t stress the utility of the items enough, unlike some other boxes. It is bit costly, but so is collecting an entire series of Funko Pop figures after the release of a new movie. Unlike the Funko Pops, Gear and Goods actually has a purpose. But don’t stop collecting Pops, just buy both! Anyhow, below you can find an unboxing of this month’s Logan-themed LootCrate Marvel Gear and Goods. Enjoy!

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