X-Men Brings Back Corner Box Art

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With the ResurriXon run of X-men,  Marvel will be revamping and expanding their X-Men line. Resurrixon hits stores April, and this run will not only revamp and expand X-Men, but will bring nostalgia back with corner box art on the covers.

Comic Book got the exclusive about the new corner box art; in their article they state that artist, Leonard Kirk, and colorist, Michael Garland have updated the classic corner box art that Marvel and other comic companies used to do for decades. However, Marvel made their corner box art even more interesting by including jokes, secrets, and just additional characters to the cover.

Check out the awesome corner box art in the gallery:

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All the corner box art above is by Kirk and Garland. It has been years since comic fans have seen corner box art, but it’s awesome that Marvel had decided to bring it back with the new X-Men series.

Let us know in the comments which corner art is your favorite! And if you’re looking forward to reading this run!  The corner box art looks pretty rad in our books though.

As always, we’ll continue to update you on all things ResurriXon and Marvel.

ResurriXon is available in comic book stores in April!

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