Agents Of SHIELD Drops Brand New Viral Posters And TV Spots

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Wondercon was the gift that kept on giving for Agents of SHIELD.  We got hilarious viral moments, surprise guests, and fans lucky enough to be in the room got a glimpse at tomorrow’s episode.  “What If…” is episode 4×16, beginning the 4C pod titled Agents of HYDRA.  Speculation abounds as to what this pod will entail, as it’s set in a matrix like reality where HYDRA has taken over and enforces a Dystopian government and set of ideals.  Fans who saw the episode are keeping quiet, but the official Agents of SHIELD twitter is offering brand new posters and artwork to tease just where fans favorites are and what they’re currently up to.

Coulson is just the first of a collection of posters that paint an alternate reality for fans.   Other posters include Fitz, Daisy, Ward, and Melinda May, and Mack (The best Dad a girl could “Hope” for? We see you Agents of SHIELD twitter.)  It’s different from the propaganda posters that the show released several weeks ago.  These brand new posters went so far as to inspire fans including superfan @coulsonandkids on twitter to recreate the outfits from the series and the show.

Pretty cool right? These character posters aren’t the only new piece of media that fans have to look forward to.  Today Entertainment Weekly released a brand new clip of Daisy, Grant Ward, and Melinda May in the framework.  While Ward is a simulation (A creation of the matrix that doesn’t exist.  Here’s hoping he doesn’t share any traits with that other famous Matrix Agent Agent Smith) but Daisy and May had quite a few heartbreaking moments.

It’s not the only clip out there to shock and intrigue new fans and please die-hard fans who have spent the past 6 weeks waiting for Agents of SHIELD to return.  Marvel’s television programming took over Wondercon and left the internet with plenty of goodies to surprise those who were waiting for something good.

Are you ready to enter the framework? Check out the full gallery of character posters below and ask yourself if it’s a paradise, or a nightmare in the making.  As always, don’t forget to tell us in the comments!

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Agents of SHIELD returns tonight at 10pm


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