Avengers Academy: Legends Assemble

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Legends Assemble

Avengers Academy just finished the Monsters Unleashed event where Fing Fang Foom attacked the academy with several mind controlled monsters. You battled Devil Dinosaur, Hi-Vo, Orrgo, and then finally Fing Fang Foom. The characters you had the opportunity to acquire were Moon Girl, Elsa Bloodstone, Hercules, Orrgo, Angela and Devil Dinosaur. Right after Monsters Unleashed ended, the next event called Legends Assemble has started.

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This event will last four weeks and is about the A.I.M Institute, Hydra School, and Attuma’s Undersea University working together to capture the Avenger’s Academy faculty. Odin, Frigga, Hank Pym, J.A.R.V.I.S, and Nick Fury are all prisoners of Attuma. The first mission is to free Odin and get the objects he needs to recruits him. Once you get Odin you have six days to get Cosmic Armor for him.

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Tony Stark also has new armor for this event. He has gold Hydro Armor that requires buying an Iron Manatee and collecting fish from the missions.

As for other outfits in this event, Allen Warner, the Lead Narrative Designer at TinyCo, told Marvel.com “There will be some really cool aquatic themed outfits for Enchantress, Falcon, and Iron Man, combat-oriented outfits for Peggy Carter, Odin, Frigga, Leader, and J.A.R.V.I.S., and one of our most requested outfits: Bruce Banner Hulk.”

Hank Pym is the special character for this event. If you want him you will have to spend 595 shards. He will be very helpful in the fighting that comes up.

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The fighting this event is a bit different. Instead of just fighting each bad guy, there is an added challenge that some characters will be designated “strong”, “fast”, “poison”. Then the strong deal more damage to the poison, the poison deal more damage to the fast and the fast deal more damage to the strong. This will all have to be considered when choosing your fighters. This was introduced back during the Hell’s Kitchen event with the Hand Ninjas.


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