Cloak and Dagger Join Marvel Puzzle Quest

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Cloak and Dagger join Marvel Puzzle Quest; the news comes via Marvel’s site. With the announcement of the dynamic duo, Cloak and Danger, joining the mobile, Marvel interviewed Josh Austin ( D3 Go! Producer) about what to expect from Cloak and Dagger in Marvel Puzzle Quest.

If you aren’t familiar with the duo, Cloak and Dagger are Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen. They both bring light and darkness to the streets of NYC.

Marvel and Josh discussed the characters abilities and more. Here’s a snippet of the interview: Cloak and Dagger are a really interesting choice for our next playable characters. And when I say characters, they actually fight as one, like Rocket and Groot right?

Josh Austin: Correct, Cloak and Dagger do fight as one in “Marvel Puzzle Quest” like Rocket and Groot but for this duo the player can flip between the two in battle! They actually switch positions during fights? What exactly do you mean by that

Josh Austin: Cloak and Dagger actually swap places when using one of their abilities. The other two powers that don’t involve switching characters change depending on who is in the foreground, making the background character’s power a Passive. Cloak has a new power that reduces the power levels of one target opponent! Cloak and Dagger are also the first character that the player can swap between powers to see the unlisted powers in the roster. More characters will get this new roster treatment, but for now, Cloak and Dagger are the first character you don’t have to go into game to see the alternate power! When can we play them for ourselves?

Josh Austin: Cloak and Dagger will be available on Thursday, April 6. They will debut in the Hearts of Darkness event running from April 6-10. The dynamic duo will also be available in their Vault for The Hunt that is running from April 9-14.  Cloak and Dagger’s Versus Tournament is called Double Jeopardy and runs from April 13–16.

For the full interview with Josh click here.

Cloak and Dagger will be available this Thursday, April 6th. What do you think about Cloak and Dagger joining Marvel Puzzle Quest? Let us know in the comments!

As always, we’ll continue to update you on all things Marvel.

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