Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Gets Lego Treatment

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LEGO has been enjoying a revitalization in the public eye for some time now and humanity is the better for it. The best part about LEGO is the community and the freedom the company gives them to play around with animation. In fact, it was the brick-loving community’s continued usage of stop-motion that inspired the maker to create the LEGO movie. Now Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has been given the LEGO treatment courtesy of enthusiast, Huxley Berg Studios.



This video is incredible and kinda makes me want to see Guardians as a LEGO film. At present, the video has over 11,750 hits. So long as Disney doesn’t decide to have it pulled, it’s a good possibility that this video will clear 100,000 views. What’s more, this isn’t Huxley Berg’s first run at a Marvel film, so there’s a good chance these videos may be left alone. In fact, given the numbers Huxley Berg Studios did on this recreation of the Civil War airport scene, my estimation of 100,000 for Guardians may be way too low.


Huxley Berg Studios’ Deadpool Red Band trailer did nearly 1.7 million views. That video was recreated shot for shot with the actual trailer and was filmed in HD. It would seem pretty clear to me that Huxley Berg Studios have a handle on this LEGO Marvel movie deal. Below is the Deadpool Red Band trailer but it is NSFW.

The beautiful part about these videos is that Huxley Berg Studios are far from the only folks out there creating high-quality LEGO content with a Marvel twist. There’s a pretty good chance that you know about someone doing equally impressive work and you should let us know in the comments if you do. You can even post videos of awesomeness in the comment section if you’d rather do that way.

You can find more of Huxley Berg Studios by clicking here

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