Mae Whitman Wants to be Squirrel Girl

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Hey True Believers, it was confirmed this week that a New Warriors TV show is heading to FreeForm. So far, the only confirmed team member is Dorreen Green a.k.a. Squirrel Girl. This role has actually been a quite sought after role recently. The latest person to put her hat into the ring is actress Mae Whitman.

Ms. Whitman is not a stranger to television. She has had big roles in multiple shows, including Arrested Development and Parenthood. If picked for the role this would not be her first fore into comic adaptions. She has provided the voice to many comic characters including Wonder Girl, Stephanie Brown, April O’Neil and Barbra Gordon/Batgirl. Needless to say, she is known for playing young crime fighters and funny characters with dramatic undertones. You mix those two together and that basically gives you Squirrel Girl. However, like I said before, she is not the only actress who wants the role

To name a few, actresses Anna Kendrick and Shannon Purser have also expressed interest in the role, even before the show was announced. Ms. Kendrick is known for her roles in multiple blockbuster films including The Accountant and the Pitch Perfect series. She is known for playing the strong, dorky characters. Personality traits you would associate with Squirrel Girl. However, she, so far, has rarely done television work and has yet to appear in anything comic related outside of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. It is of note that also in the film was Mae Whitman, then future Captain America (Chris Evans) and now future Captain Marvel (Bree Larson).

Ms. Purser is a different story. She is a far lesser known actress who made her acting debut as fan-favorite character Bar in last year’s smash hit Stranger Things.  Currently guest stars on Riverdale as Ethel Muggs. However, like I’ve said in previous articles, an unknown actress/actor can better increase your suspension of disbelief, so you aren’t thinking as much that this is someone playing a role.

Personally, I believe that all would do really well with the role. My pick of the three would actually have to be Mae Whitman, but that’s just me. What do you guys think? Do you think Mae Whitman is right for Squirrel Girl? Do you think Anna Kendrick or Shannon Purser would be better? Is there someone not mentioned who you think would be better? Let us know in the comments below.

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