Marvel Funko POP Animated Shorts

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So Funko and Marvel released these awhile ago but could’ve been easily missed by anyone, including myself. There are 3 so far and are about a minute and a half long so it’s an easy binge. So let’s jump on in.


Iron Man and Spider-Man are fighting Loki on a rooftop. Things go bad with Loki gaining the upper hand but then the heroes end up fixing it.

Bait ‘N’ Switch:

Rocket and Groot are stuck in the Collectors collection and try to escape. Rocket tricks the Collector into a chase only to distract him with a shiny object to save Groot.


Venom is attacking the city and Deadpool comes to save the day with his food truck and his favorite food. Venom couldn’t handle the heat.

These are super short as I mentioned but they do provide some good laughs and it is fun to see the POP Vinyl figures move in such a manner. In terms of voice acting there really isn’t much besides grunts and noises, Deadpool being the exception only with small exclamations. But if you haven’t taken the time to watch these please do because it’s worth the 5 minutes you spend on them.

All of these can be found on YouTube.

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