Marvel Heroes Omega announced for PlayStation 4

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Marvel Heroes Omega

Developer Gazillion Entertainment has announced the next frontier for its Marvel Heroes MMORPG: the home console. This morning, the developer announced that Marvel Heroes Omega will hit PlayStation 4 this spring.

Community Manager David Lee made the announcement this morning on PlayStation.Blog, but offered little in the way of concrete details about how the console version would differ from its PC counterpart. Marvel Heroes operates as an MMORPG, with the combat of dungeon-crawlers like Diablo, which is unsurprising given the involvement of creative director and former Blizzard North president David Brevik. The game features playable versions of Marvel characters from across both the good and evil sides of the Marvel Universe. This includes members of the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, Inhumans, Defenders, and even some of the Masters of Evil. Here’s a look at the game with the announcement trailer:

The original story draws from years of Marvel lore and tasks heroes with putting a stop to Doctor Doom, who has absconded with a Cosmic Cube and threatens to become all-powerful. Supplemental stories and events are inspired by familiar comic story arcs, like Secret Invasion and AXIS, as well as plots from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Alternate character costumes and skins likewise pay tribute to the characters’ comic roots and their modern cinematic/television versions.

Gazillion foreshadowed the move to consoles after the PC version made the jump to Marvel Heroes 2016, which included console controller support. However, the studio has yet to announce anything regarding potential cross-platform support. PC players will likely be anxious about making any sort of jump, since a sector of them have been entrenched in Marvel Heroes since its release back in June 2013.

As for that PC version, that is still receiving frequent updates. The latest one added Nick Fury to the playable roster, while a new Operation OMEGA event will put players in the center of the conflict between SHIELD and HYDRA.

While there is no word on a release date for Marvel Heroes Omega, Gazillion has indicated that a closed beta is coming soon.

Will you make the jump to Omega or will you stick to the PC version of Marvel Heroes? Let us know in the comments, along with your main character.

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