Marvel Motion Comics 1-4

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Marvel Motion Comics

These are the first four Marvel Motion Comics shorts that were presented by Disney XD.

Training day Pt1

Spidey gets tested by Iron Man before being selected to be personally trained by Tony.

Training day Pt2

A continuation of more training from Iron Man/Tony Stark before taking on Batroc the Leaper

Training day Pt3

Spidey now takes on Batroc by himself and ends up taking him down with the help of Iron Man

The Visitor

Everett Ross visits Wakanda after T’Challa opens it up to an unlikely encounter with the Ghost

These are fun little shorts that if you can get your hands on you should totally check out. My one thing is that I wish that each one was different and not the first 3 being one story. The animation is what you’d expect from a motion comic so it’s not full animated shorts. Also with them only being a few minutes each it’s a quick and easy binge just like the Funko Shorts.

You can find these on Disney XD’s official YouTube page.

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