Marvel Releases A Teaser For Marvel Legacy

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Looks like Marvel has a new upcoming project for the fall of this year! The news comes via that Marvel has released a teaser for Marvel Legacy. The teaser image:

Marvel did not provide with further information. However, CB is speculating that it’s possible that it could be Marvel returning the old school way of how comic runs used to work. Most runs went up to several issues past 20 and often times up to 500 or more issues for a character or group book.

Marvel has abandoned that formula has been for past couple of years doing their series more like Television seasons, meaning that a book would get up to no more than 25 issues (episodes) and then would relaunch (a season 2). Marvel has been going with this more season style due to sells, but there has been a couple of successful books recently that went passed 25 issues and did pretty well.

Other than the image indicating that Marvel Legacy hits in the fall of this year, there’s not much else known about this upcoming project. It’s also possible as CB speculated that it could be a follow up to Marvel’s Marvel Now. Again, this is just a speculation!

What do you think Marvel Legacy will be? Do you agree or disagree with CB? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

As more information about Marvel Legacy comes our way, we’ll be sure give an update!

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