Marvel Studios Returning to SDCC 2017

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Marvel Studios Returning to SDCC 2017!  Marvel Studios opened their doors yesterday to select media outlets for some behind the scenes goodies.  During a sit down with President Kevin Feige, he revealed that Marvel Studios will in fact be coming to San Diego Comic Con in 2017!

While this may not seem like big news to some people, typically the Hall H powerhouse panel is absent in years when Disney also has their D23 convention.  Fans were all but certain that Marvel Studios wouldn’t be making the trip to San Diego in 2017, because D23 falls on the weekend right before SDCC (D23 is July 14-16, while SDCC is July 19-23).  Disney’s D23 only occurs every other year, and Marvel Studios did not come to SDCC in 2015.

Marvel Studios SDCC 2017

Now that we know that Marvel Studios is returning to SDCC, what will they bring?  Looking at the slate of upcoming movies, Guardians of the Galaxy and Spiderman:  Homecoming will have already been released.  Thor:  Ragnarok is next up on November 3 and a likely candidate, as is Black Panther (due out February 16, 2018) which has just about completed filming.  Of course everyone’s hope is that Avengers:  Infinity War makes an appearance.  Avengers:  Infinity War is due out May 4, 2018.

What is unclear at this point is whether Marvel Studios will only appear at SDCC, or will split their appearances between the two conventions.  It is conceivable that they could bring Avengers:  Infinity War to D23, and Thor:  Ragnarok / Black Panther to SDCC.   It’s very unlikely that they would have panels at both D23 and SDCC for the same movie, with the conventions being only a week apart.

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