New Artists On Avengers and Kingpin

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Marvel announced new artists on Avengers and Kingpin. The News comes via NewsaRama. Mike Del Mundo will no longer be drawing Avengers starting with the May 10th release of issue #7. Phil Noto will be replacing Mike; however, Phil was already set to draw issue #8. There hasn’t been a statement on why the change of artists, though Mike said back in January to Newsarama that he hoped he could come back to the book in an interview.

Via Newsarama:

Nrama:You are solicited through March’s Avengers #5. Are you on for the long haul?

Del Mundo: I hope so!

To read more of Mike’s interview with Newsarama click here.

For Kingpin, artist Benjamin Torres is taking an unscheduled level from the book for issue #4. Miguel Sepuvelda will be taking over for two issues, and Torres will return for issue #6. The artist change for Kingpin isn’t permanent however, since Torres is at least returning for issue #6.

What do you think of the artist changes? Are you looking forward to the changes? Or are you not happy about the changes? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

As always, we’ll continue to update you on all things Marvel.

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