5 Characters We Want to Join Squirrel Girl in the New Warriors

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Greetings True Believers, a while back Marvel announced New Warriors TV show on Freeform. In that announcement, they revealed that the team would consist of six members and one of them would be Squirrel Girl. However, no information was released on whom the other five would be. They have had a lot of members through the years, and a good number of those members are caught in legal limbo or are tied to characters that have yet to be introduced in the MCU. I have taken it upon myself to discuss who I think those five would be.

Night Thrasher

New Warriors

Dwayne Taylor a.k.a. Night Thrasher has been a long time leader of the New Warriors in the comics. It only makes since that he would be their leader in their first live action appearance. He is a rich guy whose parents were killed in front of him when he was a kid. He then learns martial arts to catch the killer and fight crime. He does have a power suit, but beyond that, he doesn’t really have super powers. He is still very skilled. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine a better leader of the team.

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