REVIEW: Ghost Rider #5 – “The Rider Dominates”

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Ghost Rider #5

Ghost Rider #5
Writer: Felipe Smith
Penciller: Danilo S. Beyruth
Colorist: Jesus Aburtov with Federico Blee
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 3/29/17

Ghost Rider #5

Plot: Ghost Rider #5 has Robbie crossing paths with some of Marvel’s other heroes as chases a criminal who summons a crazy beast.

Ghost Rider #5

Story: Ghost Rider jumps in with Robbie chasing down a killer who summons this giant creature. The issue immediately opens up and is action packed, but a ton of fun. The character works really well in these types of situations and always has such a passion behind his fights. The biggest example of this comes from the use of Robbie’s Uncle Eli’s presence throughout the story and how it adds a whole additional character dynamic.

Felipe Smith seems to be really utilizing that part of his story to the max. It creates a really nice blend of Robbie and the Rider and displays that Robbie holds onto his humanity. Ghost Rider is a really fun story but the character always has a moral battle between the human character and the actual Ghost Rider personality. Smith gives readers that presence with Eli which is a lot more unique and personal to this character and story.

Ghost Rider #5

The other fun thing about Ghost Rider is that the character can cross with some smaller scale Marvel characters and factions like Coulson and May in Issue #5. Just like on the Agents of SHIELD television show, Ghost Rider really fits well with these types of characters and the various stories and missions he gets involved with. The nice thing is in this issue, Smith really knows the amount of crossover that fits, never feeling like the insertion of these other characters is just a plug but rational for the story.

Ghost Rider, as a character, can definitely tend to be more of a loner, but that’s a really great aspect to his character. However, sometimes it is nice when the Rider gets to cross paths with other characters. Along with SHIELD, Ghost Rider includes Hulk, Silk and Wolverine too. While these three do a little less, it’s a ton of fun to basically see each of them react to this living legend and his more aggressive style.

Ghost Rider #5

Art: The art in this book fits really well from the start. This is a much edgier character and it has the grittier vibe immediately. The story is very action packed and the art goes along with it well; lots of the scenes are busy feeling but for all of the right reasons. Danilo S. Beyruth puts together nicely detailed scenes with the pencil that bring the detail and life that Ghost Rider needs. While at the same time Jesus Aburtov and Federico Blee do the same time with the vibrant colors. Ghost Rider has so much spirit and essence to him that his books require creative and bright coloring.

Ghost Rider #5

Something else that Ghost Rider #5 nails is the scale in the fights. This panel is beautifully scaled by Danilo S. Beyruth because it gives a massive presence to the monster and shows what Robbie is really going up against. It just adds additional detail to the book and the story by displaying proper size utilizes the art in a technical way.

Verdict: Ghost Rider #5 is a really fun book that has a lot of action and is very fast paced. Seeing the character crossover with some other Marvel heroes is always enjoyable because it gives a fun comparison of how much strength the Rider has. Felipe Smith does a nice job with the story while the art team absolutely knocks it out of the part and delivers a colorful book.

Rating: 4/5

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