REVIEW: Ms. Marvel #17- “Fight with Niceness!”

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Ms. Marvel #17 Review Cover Feature

Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Penciler: Takeshi Miyazawa
Colorist: Ian Herring
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Release Date: 4/19/17
Price: $3.99

Plot: Ms. Marvel must find a way to defeat the Doc.X virus for good!

Ms. Marvel #17 Review Cover

Story: In Ms. Marvel #17, we finally bring the “DPS” story arc to end. The thing is that as great a conclusion as this was, as always it’s the positive messages that G. Willow Wilson asserts through her writing that makes Ms. Marvel a staple. For anyone doubting any of the new characters Marvel has come out with in the past few years, I promise you, from the deepest depths of my soul, that Ms. Marvel will not be a disappointment.

In the last issue, Zoe’s secret feelings for Nakia were uncovered by the Doc.X virus. Bravely and boldly, before the information could get out, she came clean to Nakia. Though the other girl didn’t have the same feelings, she accepted her with loving open arms. In the first pages of Ms. Marvel #17, we are presented with a scene that could only be described as pure, genuine, heart-warming love. It featured what I could only describe as a giant group hug. It was a truly beautiful scene that I think would make the most callous person smile.

Ms. Marvel #17 Review Cover Love Hug

The story actually rode this theme all the way through to the end. Ms. Marvel meeting with her online friends was a display of love. They even fought against the wildness of the internet with love, and at the end of the story, its love that finally defeats the Doc. X virus. Just the fact that something like this can be written in a way that drives the core message of a super hero story is an amazing feat in itself. Wilson takes everything that makes the world ugly and flips it inside out. It shows the good in people, and the things we should be striving for collectively. Positivity just makes me feel great!

The other things I love about Ms. Marvel’s book are the same as in every issue. The interactions between characters are so genuine, so fun. Shirts with quotes like “Tiger Upper Punch” and hats that read “Lunch” are the little things that find to be awesome. The homage to gaming in Ms. Marvel #17 (and the arc as a whole) is to be very well respected! That’s another way that Wilson flips the scripts on readers.

Gaming, especially online gaming on MMORPGs, is something that is often frowned upon. And let’s be honest, anything is harmful in moderation, but people who chose to game instead of play basketball should not be subjected to bullying. It’s a culture in itself. So it’s fun to get a LAN party in the middle of a convenience store. How cool is it for a superhero to be in your guild? Even more, how cool is to for a superhero to be in your guild and use it to actually fight a super villain! Ms. Marvel is amazing guys! You should be reading this!

Ms. Marvel #17 Review Cover LAN Party

Art: The art of Ms. Marvel is always representative of the character, her life, her friends, and her personality in general. I will always love it so long as it has this creative team. The cover features a dark “Game Over” screen like what we used to see in our early SNES and Genesis days with troll heads surrounding a defeated Ms. Marvel with stars. I love the reference, and I love the retro gamer font. It reminds me of Scott Pilgrim! The colors and shadowing is on point too.

Verdict: All the way down to the Obi-Wan reference line that I know Star Wars fans will catch, I loved Ms. Marvel #17. G. Willow Wilson is putting forth an excellent work of art, and this is a series that I can always count on to brighten my day with a positive message. This was excellent work, and a great way to finish up the “DPS” arc.

Star Rating: 5 out of 5

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