REVIEW: Star Wars Doctor Aphra #6: “Buck Up Chief”

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Doctor Aphra

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Penciler: Kev Walker and Marc Deering
Colorist: Antonio Fabela
Letterer: VC’S Joe Caramagna
Release Date: 04/12/17
Price: $3.99

Doctor Aphra has been a great addition to the Star Wars universe. The conclusion to her first series has given readers insight into the ancient Jedi history all through a sarcastic and conniving protagonist.


Captain Tolvan and her snowtroopers are trying (and failing) to capture Aphra and her father within the Citadel of Rur. In the Citadel itself, a history is unfolding. The shocking conclusion to Aphra’s first arc begins to reveal what happened to the Jedi. Rur tells Aphra and her father about how his sentient body was transferred into a green crystal, his real body left inhabited by an evil ghost. The Jedi quickly turned against him, readers are then given an insight into the not so pure and mighty Jedi. When Rur learns that it has been thousand of years since he has been awake, no one left to punish, he turns his anger towards Aphra’s father.


Gillen is exceptionally talented in all he has been doing with Aphra’s story. She is a character who never has remained the same and has been constantly growing. The relationship that has been building with her Father has come to a shocking conclusion this issue.  She is a believable character, who when it comes right down to it, knows to buck up and get the hell out of any bad situation. Gillen also has many references to Raiders of the Lost Ark which is fun for multiple reasons: a) Aphra’s tale has mirrored a classic adventure tale and b) a nice reference to Harrison Ford.

In one panel, Gillen is able to showcase the fascinating history of the Jedi. The flashback gives readers a lot of lore to think about until the next arc starts.

Gillen also writes a scene with Aphra being totally hardcore with a lightsaber. A hint to the future perhaps? Overall, the story within the final issue of this arc of Gillen’s turns Aphra into an even more interesting character with a much-needed look into the Jedi.


Kev Walker and Antonio Fabela are a dream team. Walker draws the characters so expertly, emotions clearly visible on faces and easily detectable. The close ups show fear on the faces of characters, notably Tolvan, as well as rage. Each close up has a purpose and every little line drawn by Walker is important. Similarly, Walker has the ability to draw bodies magnificently. At the beginning of the issue, Aphra appears frail and weak. However, by the middle when things get rough her body perks up as her strength comes through.  By the end of the issue, her body looks absolutely exhausted.

Then comes the fantastic colors of Fabela. What Fabela excels at doing is creating powerful landscapes through color. Creating landscapes for a world as rich as Star Wars is no easy task. The harsh

Doctor Aphra

The harsh landscape that Tolvan and her troops have to face is shown by the white of the background. The cold is literally felt off of the pages! The interior of the Citadel is so foreign with the use of the color green, which amplifies the alien feeling of the place. When the citadel begins to fall apart, the colors all turn a deep crimson. A fear is felt by this color which mirrors the fear of the characters. Fabela has a way of using color to make everything feel completely epic.


Doctor Aphra has been a fantastic tale brought to the Star Wars universe. It fits in with lore, adds to lore and still manages to feel new. The characters are well-rounded and are easy to care about. Book #6 has been a great conclusion to the first story from this team. The story itself was shocking and the art behind it makes it even MORE worth it. It’s a comic that will be loved by Star Wars fans and newbies alike. It is very much worth the read.

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