REVIEW: Weapon X #2- “The Hunt Continues”

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Weapon X #2 Cover Feature

Writer: Greg Pak
Penciller: Greg Land
Colorist: Vincent D’Armata
Letterer: VC’s Joe Carmanga
Price: $3.99
Release Date: 4/26/17

Plot: Weapon X continue to track down is subjects, with their eyes on Warpath.

Weapon X #2 Cover

Story: Weapon X #2 has already hit the stands, it like the first issue, it gruels forward with similar heart pumping momentum. On both issues I like the character introductions. We get the sense of very dangerous men and women, people were top assassins at one time or another, but have now settled down, are being rudely dragged back into the pit of violence. Weapon X, having re-emerged are using the ex-killers to re-employ them to their previous tasks. It’s a poetic set up really, and I enjoy reading it. Plus, how can you not enjoy cybernetic horses? That’s a new one on me!

Pak also does an excellent job of explaining the characters in a matter of fact kind of way without making it too obvious or “telling.” Sometimes this is accomplished by using narrative captions, which is totally fine. But I sometimes like things being expressed through conversation that fits seamlessly into character dialogue as well. For example, how we discover (or recap for veteran X-Book readers) that Warpath has a healing factor or that Deathstrike’s healing factor is technologically induced rather than biological. It offers some great character background without it feeling forced.

Weapon X #2 Review Cybernetic Horses

We also get a great dosage of the assassins acting like the old X-Force. When Logan reminds Sabretooth that the bots may have their abilities, but lack their experience, it inspires them to take another approach. They are able to get the drop on them and effectively fight back. I like this mainly because it’s the Wolverine I love (and the reason I love X-23 so much). For years Wolverine has taken the operative role of “tank” when I like to think of him much more as an assassin, but just a very sturdy, very difficult to kill assassin. Books like this one employ him as the latter.

Plot-wise and conceptually we get a few more questions answered. I had the idea last issue that they were using people with cybernetic upgrades (as opposed to full on robots) but here we get a page where they are slipping into their human skins instead of walking around all tall, metal and shiny. The skin is created from their (the Weapon X project’s) bodies. It makes them that much more dangerous of enemies. Same abilities, and advanced cybernetic enhancements. I do question whether or not they have human minds as well. Right now I’m thinking they are not. The only thing going for the Weapon X projects are their years of experience, not only as assassins, but with dealing with Weapon X itself.

Weapon X #2 Review Logan and Sabretooth Fighting Cyber

Art: I love it. I can’t make that any more clear. Greg Land puts out some amazing, full featured art, and it is extremely easy on the eyes. Warpath well reflects Native American features. I like that. Plus, all the action scenes are a joy to watch. It must be great not being afraid to really put the hurt on individuals you know are going to heal back. With that, the fighting isn’t held back in the least. The cover is a nod to many classic comics, showing the attacker in the reflection of the blades, and I can appreciate that, as well as Logan’s detailed features. You can really see the age in his skin. I also like the effect of the blades protruding from the back of the hand, very nice.

Verdict: These first two issues started this series off on the right foot. The adrenaline is high on every page turn, to the point that it’s surprising to reach the end. I want to keep reading! Which is why its needless to say that I can’t wait until issue #3. If you are looking for a high action comic that dives right into the plot from page 1, I highly recommend this book.

Star Rating: 5 out of 5.

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