REVIEW: X-Men Gold #2 – “T.F.P.!”

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X-Men Gold #2
Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Inker: Jay Leisten
Colorist: Frank Martin
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Release Date: 04/26/17
Rating: Rated T+
Price: $3.99

X-Men Gold

Feeling her actions during the war with the Inhumans, Storm decided she must step down, but that Xavier’s dream should live on. She seeks out an old friend, Kitty Pryde and asks her to lead the X-Men. Kitty agrees but with some conditions, Storm has to stay and the Xavier School, and the X-Men no longer be hidden away.

Once the school is reopened in Central Park, the students started to return and the X-Men faced their first threat with Terrax. The hits kept coming as the city of New York dropped by with property taxes for the school, before a new team of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants attack.

X-Men Gold

Plot: Kitty Pryde and her X-Men take on the new BRotherhood of Evil Mutants which count some mutants thought to be dead and one that was thought to be a friend. Meanwhile a new mutant hate group the Heritage Initiative is calling for the deportation of all mutants.

Story:  This story is just hitting it out of the park. I love that Marvel has really decided to bring back the core focus and essence to the X-Men. They are fighters for peace in a world bent on hating them. You get that with this new mutant hate group which also touches on today’s political climate, without getting on a soapbox.

X-Men Gold

Kitty and her team are working great together with shorthand, I love the T.F.S. (Telekentic Fastball Special), a nice update on a classic move. The way the team works is a great testament to Kitty, and the way everyone looks to her. I love seeing Kitty with Piotr, Rachel, and Kurt, these four have great history that I hope we see more of.

X-Men Gold

Having Magma be on the Brotherhood was a nice touch as well given the emotional gut punch she gives to the team, by just being there. The Brotherhood themselves have me intrigued, Avalanche was last seen dead, Avalanche was resurrected by Selene, and Mesmero is supposed to be depowered after M-Day. Not to mention Masque and the unknown mutant that looks a little Broody to me. It would be interesting with Captain America being in this issue, if he is behind the Brotherhood, after all Red Skull, and Captain America are responsible for Avalanche’s death.

X-Men Gold

The deadline to kill the mayor adds to the intensity to this book, is Captain America behind it all? Is the Heritage Initiative? Is someone else? We don’t know yet but I am excited to go along for this ride. You can feel the pressure on Kitty and Rachel to find the mayor and take out the Brotherhood. The ending with Logan taking them all out and calling Kitty reminds you why Logan, old man or not is the best he is at what he does.

X-Men Gold

Art:  You may have noticed no penciler was named, and that is due to the fallout of the controversy from the artist after the first issue hit the shelves. Due to that I do not feel right to mention him by name nor give his art any attention so for this review I will not be discussing art.

Verdict: Overall this was another great issue and I highly recommend you pick it up. I know a lot of people are currently hating on the book due to the controversy with the artist. I hope people can put that aside and judge this book on the story and character merits alone, because it is a really great book that lives up to the title of this issue and brings the X-Men, Back to Basics!

X-Men Gold
Rating: 4 ¼ stars.

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