Spider-Men Sequel Coming in 2017, Unrelated to Generations

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Spider-Men was an absolute hit when it debuted back in 2012. The series moved so many people that there became craving for more between the two arachnid. The series also left fans asking a number of question upon the conclusion, How did the relationship between Peter Parker and Mile Morales becomes one of mystery and intrigue? Who else knows where Miles’ story begin,

Brian Michael Bendis opened up a little bit about the new relationship with the Miles and Peter in an interview with Ultimate Spin. While there will also be a Generations event mixing the old characters fans known and love with their newest iterations, the sequel to Spider-Men has been explicitly stated that it is not part of the Generations event with.

I had a year to establish what Miles is in the 616. Peter didn’t plan on there being a bunch of Spider-Man characters, and their responsibility is becoming his responsibility… or is it? That’s a big part moving forward.

For Bendis, this project has been a long time coming, both for fans and for the creators. The fans basically willed the project into existence and their reward is the answers they have been seeking. It honestly sounds like Miles will have a more staring role.

I get questions about this all time time – it’s so flattering. Five years since the original Spider-Men miniseries with their first team-up. Good news is that we’re going to answer all the questions about Peter/Miles. The eight months of Miles in the 616, everything. All will be answered this summer.

In a way, Bendis knew that this was the time to tell the story. The character is more popular than he’s ever been, but there are only so many times a person can stand to watch Uncle Ben die. Miles Morales has been a fresh departure from the Archie storyline that plagues Peter Parker.

There is this Spider-Man movie coming out, and this big Spider-Man project describing all these things. I’ve been teasing it on my end, and we’e ready to tell that story. The time has come, and this summer is the time to tell it.

What do you think about the Spider-Men sequel? Are you ready for more team-ups?Let us know in th comment section below.

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