Top 5 Mutants for X-Men: Dark Phoenix

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Hello True Believers, it’s time to again talk about the Children of the Atom. Recently, it was confirmed that the next X-Men film would be called X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Also, a while back, we learned that the new X-Men film would take the focus away from they Professor X/Magento dynamic. With all that being said, I started to think. The X-Men are probably going to need some help, specifically if one of their own could be the villain. So, I have compiled a list 5 mutants I’d like to see join the team or just be in the film.

5. Frenzy

Joanna Cargill, a.k.a. Frenzy is a lesser-known mutant who, in the comics, only joined the X-Men after a long history of events. However, given her powers and mindset, I have thought of a way she could easily fit in to the film. For those that don’t know, in the comics, the more popular X-Men Colossus has a huge role in the Dark Phoenix Saga story. Yet, Colossus is currently occupied in the Deadpool films. My thought is Frenzy could take his place.

Frenzy and Colossus have a very similar power set. Both being super strong with invulnerable skin, except Frenzy can’t turn it off and on. Also, Frenzy is a character with a dark past. When her powers first developed, she accidentally killed her abusive father in self-defense. I could see her bonding with this iteration of Scott and Jean, with all of them fearing their powers. I could then see her filling Colossus’s role in the defeat of Dark Phoenix but feeling bad about it due to her closeness with the two. Thus, they could have her leave the team, either with or instead of Scott. They could then use this to spin off into X-Force or another X movie or show.

4. Hepzibah

Hepzibah is an even more obscure character, but I also had an idea for her. Before I say what it, let me tell you a little about her. She is an alien from a planet of cat-like people. She has all the extra abilities you expect from a cat-like being. She has superhuman agility, claws, superhuman hearing and night vision to name a few. She also happens to be a member of a group called Starjammers. They are basically the Guardians of the Galaxy of the X-verse. Hepzibah has even had a romance with their leader Corsair, also known as Christopher Summers. That’s right, as in Scott and Alex Summers. He is their birth father.

Now to my idea for Hepzibah, I think it would be cool if she crashed landed on Earth. She could be racing to warn the X-Men, more specifically Scott, about the Phoenix Force. They could say that Corsair wanted to do it himself, but he was busy. This could be used as an easier, less complex way, than the comics, to introduce the concepts of Phoenix being a cosmic entity and Scott’s biological father. This could give Scott hope that he has someone out there who cares for him and maybe create a bond between him and Quicksilver. After delivering the news, I could see Hepzibah helping the team out for the film, becoming an honorary member, but leaving at the end to rejoin the Starjammers. They could also use this to maybe spin off into a Starjammers show or movie.

3. Gambit

I think it is about time for the Ragin’ Cajon to return. Remy LeBeau, a.k.a. Gambit, is a long-standing, fan favorite member of the X-Men, and yet, he’s only been in one of the X films, in what was essentially a glorified cameo. I feel his suave, reluctant hero vibe would be perfect for this film. I could see him really bonding with this incarnation of Mystique and Storm. Maybe they could even do a romance with the latter. They both come from thief backgrounds and are very close in the comics. I am surprised they haven’t brought him back before. Now, could be the perfect time.

2. Dazzler

Speaking of the perfect time for a character, I think the Dark Phoenix film could be Dazzler, a.k.a. Allison Blair’s time to shine. Pun intended. For those that don’t know, she is basically a mutant pop star. Her power is that she can turn sound into light and use that light in various ways. I think it would be awesome for her to finally make her debut in this film. I could see her as an ally to the team, but maybe not a member. I’d even be happy with just a cameo. Speaking of, she supposed rumored to have a cameo in X-Men: Apocalypse. Rumors and April Fools jokes came out saying that people like Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga were up for the role. The former I actually wouldn’t mind seeing. Given that Dark Phoenix is probably going to be in the set in the ’80s or ’90s, I think now is the time for Dazzler to get some of the spotlight. Again, pun intended.

1. Iceman

I will admit that I have a bias here. Bobby Drake, a.k.a. Iceman, is my favorite X-Man, but that’s not the only reason why he’s here. In the comics, he is a founding member of the X-Men, alongside Jean, Scott, Angel and Beast. Except for Bobby, all of them have been rebooted in this new timeline. Angel’s was lackluster, but it still counts. I did like Shawn Ashmore’s performance. However, I would like to see a new version of the character. A version who is younger, more jovial and honestly, more powerful.

In the comics, Bobby is an Omega Level Mutant. This means that he is one of the most powerful mutants out there. So, when another goes astray, it might be nice to have more power on the X-Men side. Thematically, it even makes sense, going back to the age old fight of fire versus ice. Also, in a film that has the potential to be one of the darkest and most dramatic, it might be nice to have a character that lightens up the mood. I know we have Nightcrawler, but his humor is mostly, unintentional fish out of water type humor. Bobby, in the comics, actively tells jokes and makes humorous observations. Lastly, I could really see a more comics-faithful version of Bobby really bonding with this incarnation of the team.

There you have it folks. There is my personal Top 5 of new mutants for X-Men: Dark Phoenix. I’m not saying we should have all of them, but having at least two would be really nice in my opinion. What did you think? Who is on your top 5? What else you like to see in X-Men: Dark Phoenix? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. For x- men dark phoenix if they cast one actress to play rogue that will be Brit Robertson or Natasha Bassett from Britney ever after they should add jubilee Lucy Conrad in x-men dark phoenix is not the final chapter yet there are two more x-men movies plus a spinoff like starjammers movie and many marvel movies and shows love marvel

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