Avengers Academy: Guardians Event Volume 2

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The Guardians of the Galaxy are back to save Avengers Academy once more from cosmic forces in the latest event. It started back at the end of April, allowing players to recruit the characters available in last year’s Guardians event, and will continue until June 1st. First few things will be a recap of what has happened and then I will get right into the final episode for the event.

Episode 2:

After freeing and recruiting the old guardians you are now able to unlock Mantis as well as obtain the Godkiller Iron Man Costume through fights with the Collector. Nebula is also available for purchase once more. The Galactic costume for Star-Lord was also available during the first episode. Collecting all the Guardian’s Galactic costumes will give you a free hero at the end of the event. It also introduces a map that allows you to pick which fights you want to do against which Kree team to help train up your heroes and get the items needed to fight the bosses.

Guardians of the Galaxy

To unlock Mantis  9 Green Aliens, 45 Concert Tickets, 12 Antennae, and 3,970 Flares are required.

Godkiller Iron Man requires 8 Space Maps, 2 Green Aliens, 20 Asteroids, and 2,840 Flares.

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