The Defenders Will Assemble For Necessity Not Choice

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As we tick closer to August and the premiere of The Defenders questions abound.  Thankfully the cast is coming out with the answers and hitting the convention circuit.  Thanks to ScreenRant for instance, we know that The Defenders will take place over a span of “a couple of days” indicating a degree of necessity, declaring a state of emergency for New York’s street level heroes.  As they square off against Sigourney Weaver’s Alexandra, they’ll only have 8 episodes to wrap up phase one of the Netflix Universe – not a lot of time.  Thankfully however, The Defenders seem up to the task if Finn Jones (Iron Fist) has anything to say about it.

Speaking at comicpalooza in Huston, Jones talked about how it takes place in a “Very short amount of time.”

It’s 8 episodes but it takes place over a couple of days. So it has this real-time frenetic energy to it which I think adds to the impending doom. So we’re all kind of brought together not through choice, but through necessity. We don’t want to work with each other but our backs are against the wall and we kind of have to.”

Each of the four characters has their own series, so there’s no need to delve deeply into their motivations or their origin stories.  Plus, “Frentic Energy” indicates that Alexandra will be a truly dangerous threat – with the build up of the hand does it mean that she’s a likely Hand Leader? What threat could be large enough to bring four different heroes together?

Meanwhile, The Defenders is sharing a ton of new photos. Check out our short gallery below and get prepared for a real roller coaster ride!

As always, we want to hear what you think. Tell us your feelings and how you’re getting ready to #Defend in the comments below.  The Defenders drops on Netflix August 8th 2017.

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