Did Agents Of SHIELD Introduce [SPOILER] Last Night?

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The Following Post contains spoilers for Agents of SHIELD season 4’s finale.

While we now have to wait 6 months for the return of Agents of SHIELD last night’s teaser left people with quite a lot to chew on.  After a post-battle dinner wherein the team accepted that SHIELD might be gone for good, they were abducted by men from the government, or at least government.  The last iconic shot of Coulson was everyone’s favorite every man agent in space of all things.  There’s a few options potentially as to who or what could have taken him to space and just what might happen while there, let’s take a moment to break down a few potential possibilities for this new “space” based adventure.

SHIELD left Coulson in a scene that wouldn’t look out of place in Star Wars.  The image instantly called to mind the counterpart to SHIELD, SWORD deals with threats to earth from space.  A number of fans instantly jumped on the idea that SWORD- led by Abigail Brand would make an appearance next season.  While it’s always possible that it might be a SWORD like organization (It’s Marvel, they’re making a very real push into the cosmos) VFX supervisor Mark Kolpack shot down the idea that SWORD would be making it into the show any time soon.

There’s another theory however that’s far more exciting, especially for fans of a soon-to-be arriving superheroine. Phil Coulson could be chilling with Alpha Flight – earth’s first cosmic line of defense.  Carol Danvers’s current posting.

Flashback to the Carol Danvers run prior to Margaret Stohl’s.  Agent Carter showrunners Tara Butters and Michelle Fazekas re-introduced Alpha Flight. Formerly Canada’s super hero team (check them out, Wolverine was a member.) Alpha Flight handles space threats and could very easily be the new version of SWORD for the MCU – especially if the government believed that SHIELD was corrupted and that SWORD might follow suit.

Fans of Abigail Brand should rejoice as the Joss Whedon created character makes an appearance in the Captain Marvel comic as a Lieutenant Commander.  The series pits Nova Corps style activities with space style action and our favorite Captain is front and center.

Alpha flight? No Way. It’s got to be Attlain.

While Attlian is a possibility and would make sense (the network would want to push “The Inhumans” after all) we get a shot of a futuristic alien city in the trailer and it looks nothing like the place that coulson is standing.

See that triangle shape in the few open shots? That looks like an alien city to us and it doesn’t particularly have the same vibe or look.  If the tagline for The Inhumans is true it’s very likely that Maximus who is probably in charge wouldn’t feel too kindly to Coulson and the humans who are throwing a beat down on the Daisy LMDs.

No, being allowed to wander freely, being out in space with a more military feel, a tie in to two former (and very missed) writers of the Marvel Television universe? I’d say Marvel is introducing the framework for earth’s cosmic line of defense and with SHIELD taking up the 2018 year, putting them on Alpha Flight’s radar would be a great set up for a 2019 heroine’s debut.

Carol Danvers herself.

It’s important to note that this is all speculation and a lot of analysis however based on Marvel Comics and paying close attention. What do you think?  Do you have another theory? Sound off an share in the comments below and we’ll see you in 6 months true believers. Excelsior!


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